Taking the High Road

Going green used to mean sacrifices. Whether it was giving up luxury, space, acceleration, or an all-wheel-drive (AWD) option, there was usually a compromise in order to drive an eco-friendly vehicle. These sacrifices have started to diminish over the years with more affordable and practical Electric Vehicles (EVs) coming to market. The Tesla Model 3, for example, has a lower…

Rites of Spring

Once again, my fellow Minnesotans, we have paid our dues. The driveway has been shoveled and salted many times over. Our quadriceps are strong from high-stepping through snow. Your garden missed you. Does anyone love spring as much as a Minnesotan with a good antihistamine? 

Flights of Fancy

Catching a glimpse of a butterfly in your own back yard always feels just a little bit magical. Most of our gardens only host an occasional visit from these ethereal creatures, but you can create a garden bustling with butterflies if you attract them and create a habitat to keep them coming back. A little planning goes a long way.…

Rock Hounds’ Retreat

Picture a lake house designed to take in the spectacular vistas all around it. Lake Superior’s North Shore, The Caribou River’s rocky waterfalls, lots of sky, water, and granite. One of the home's lucky owners captures the views with her artist’s eye and her camera lens, from the sun shimmering on the vast expanse of water to trees lit only by…

Nature Mother

My mom taught me to love nature. My parents and I packed a picnic and drove about an hour out of Sidney, Nebraska to hike in what we called “Marlboro Country” on many Sunday afternoons. We hunted for fossils and arrowheads, and listened for birdcalls. Mom also had a green thumb. Every corner of our yard had … Continued

April 2019 Around Town

EP Gives, April 27th. Bearpath Country Club hosts this year’s annual “EP Gives” on April 27th with the Eden Prairie Community Foundation. This year’s theme is Caribbean Nights. “EP Gives” is one of the largest fundraisers benefiting our community. Proceeds from the event assist individuals and families living in poverty, fund vital services to seniors and individuals living with … Continued

Get Out(side)!

Grab a picnic blanket, find a shady tree and celebrate spring with approachable ecology books.

Planting for clean water

I was never a fan of Frank Lloyd Wright. Then, I read a book about him. Learning about how his architectural designs were created to connect to the natural environment, I began to see the beauty in his work. I felt the same way about a yard with a naturalized landscape of native plants and ground covers. To my uninformed…

Books, blooms and bubbles

1-3. The Loft launched its inaugural WordPlay book festival celebrating writers and readers. Track loft.org/wordplay for their celebrity authors lineup. May 11-12.   4-5. Visitors to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum's "Passport to Spring" took a break from winter to enjoy blooms in the Great Hall.   6.  Eden Prairie's Mr. Bubble company presented $12,000 to children at a Minneapolis Ronald McDonald House.