The Road to Rich’s

Talking Competition, Family and Life with a CrossFit Legend Article Nicolette Martin | Photography Paul Versluis About 80 miles east of Nashville, among the winding roads of Putnam County, Tennessee, between a brick house and an old red barn, there’s a gravel road. It’s easy to miss in the expanse of rolling hills that, in … Continued

Active Fun on the Prairie

 Marathons or bust!  We have some very fit neighbors in Eden Prairie, including a group of intrepid marathon runners. Esti Ollerman (50 marathons), Colleen Jason (35), Susan Engelhart (56) and Kris Beach (7) travel the world to compete in world-class marathons. They've even completed some "back-to-backs," running one marathon on a Saturday and another on Sunday. The group will run…

Intentional wellness

I always valued good health and ate what I thought was a healthy diet until a lab test several years ago set off alarms for high cholesterol.  Being curious about how I could correct this, I sought professional advice. The result: more fruits and vegetables, dark leafy greens, whole grains (especially oatmeal and barley), nuts, seeds, legumes and finally, less sugar and saturated fat. It took…

Resolve to read healthy books

 Mayo Clinic Guide to Stress-Free Living, Amit Sood.  A few years ago, I was driving and heard an interview with Dr. Amit Sood. I stopped by a bookstore on the way home and purchased his book. Based on the popular stress management program he developed and offers at the Mayo Clinic, Soot fills this guide with stories, easy-to-understand science and practical steps towards achieving greater peace for…

Take on the winter blues with green plants

It’s January in Eden Prairie. Welcome to some of the coldest days of winter. Temps are frigid, the wind blows right through you and even though our waking hours are gradually gaining daylight, it still gets dark before 5 p.m. Windows in our homes are all closed up tightly for the winter. We shut the doors quickly to keep out the…

I have promises to keep.

I’m not a native Minnesotan, but I love it here. Even in winter. I love snow. My favorite poem is Robert Frost’s Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening. Snow is inconvenient and treacherous, but it’s worth it. There’s nothing better than a Currier and Ives scene out my window. The key words here, though, are … Continued

Minnesota music & Mexican mountains

Getting or staying fit isn’t easy for anyone. We’re all busy with work, family and an endless list of errands. Etching time out of a day for exercise doesn’t always happen. Eden Prairie Lifestyle had a chance to catch up with Martin Zellar, musician, podcaster, husband and dad. Zellar, once the frontman of Gear Daddies fame, now tours with his…

Celebrating and Socializing

We found Eden Prairie neighbors out and about, enjoying our town and surrounding areas.  Eden Prairie residents Tom & Dawn Voehl recently opened the doors at their stunning Ashery Lane Farm in Mayer. Featuring D'Amico catering for weddings and other events, two barns are nestled between their apple orchard and vineyard. 

Bringing Hygge Home

While most people dream of warmer weather when January comes around, I’m missing a chilly, dark environment not too different from our own. Rather than opting for a beachside getaway, I’m reminiscing about one by candlelight. I would take the 3 p.m. sunset over a sunburn any day if it meant I was cuddling up for a hyggeligt Scandinavian evening.

Home is your habitat

The jury is still out on the first month of the year's origin. January may be named after the Roman god Janus, who represents doors. Others say  January’s patron is Juno, goddess of birth. Either way, they’re both on-the-nose for the month of change.