Going to the Dogs

 Article Nancy Renneke | Photography Genét Jean-Pierre  Dogs rule in this little corner of Eden Prairie. They exercise on nearby Three Rivers trails when they’re humoring humans with civilized runs and walks on leashes. They romp free-style at the off-leash park just down the street. They ponder life as a dog, gazing at lakes and wetlands while neighbor friends chat.…

The Magic of Children’s Theatre Company

 Article Alex Ramey | Photography Provided by Children's Theatre Company  Children and adults alike have heard tell of the wonderland that is the Children’s Theatre Company. The transformative Midwestern magic that teleports attendees is known far and wide - but those of us in Eden Prairie are lucky enough to live just a stone’s throw away.  Filling the role of…

Where the Pets Go

 Article Andy Stavast | Photography John Wagner  One of the benefits and true joys of publishing Eden Prairie Lifestyle is that occasionally I can write about something that I am particularly passionate about. Our August Pets and Kids issue allows just that. I would think all would agree that we are truly passionate about our children. We love kids! I…

Final Days of Summer Gardening

 Article Mary Walcker  Even though summer is winding down, your garden still needs attention. Here are some important tips for August gardening to keep it looking its best into fall and winter.  Water, water, water! Make sure everything is getting enough water, about an inch per week for most plants. The best time to water is always in the morning…

Our Pets and Us

 Article and Photography  Here at Eden Prairie Lifestyle, we love our pets. From an English Bulldog to a Bearded Dragon Lizard, they are just as much a part of our family as any other human member. Have a cute picture of you and your pet? Send it to nora.johnson@lifestylepubs.com for a chance to be in our next issue.

Lifestyle Letter

Nora will put new editor letter in EDITS. It’s pretty easy to say that being the editor of Eden Prairie Lifestyle has given me plenty of incredible opportunities. Some to note being hearing His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama speak during his visit to Eden Prairie, covering the Starkey Foundation Gala, and meeting countless of … Continued

August 2018 Around Town

Night to Unite On Tuesday, August 7th, the City of Eden Prairie is hosting “Night to Unite,” a summer evening dedicated to celebrating and strengthening the commitment to a safe community. This is an opportunity to put together a neighborhood celebration, turn on the front porch lights, gather with neighbors and friends, get to know one another, … Continued

Donuts & Dogs 5K9

On Saturday, June 30th, pups and pup owners alike joined together to raise money for Secondhand Hounds at their annual Donuts & Dogs 5K9. Participants braved the heat in a 5K jog/walk around Purgatory Creek Park, stopping for donuts along the way.