January 2017 Lifestyle Letter

One of my 2016 New Year’s resolutions that I made in January was to get a job that allowed me to be creative, work with inspiring people, and make a positive impact on my community. Fast-forward to about 7 months later, when I walked into Mary Abeln’s office in response to a job opportunity for her company. Halfway through the…

Ryan Wicht and Kara Ellestad Engagement

Congratulations to Ryan Wicht and Kara Ellestad who recently became engaged in Wasilla Alaska! A late summer 2017 
wedding is being planned. Want to share your engagement? Send us the details along with photos and maybe you'll make our pages.

DIY Home Spa Day

Combine the honey and sugar in a small bowl, add the olive oil and mix well. Spoon the completed scrub into lip-gloss containers. Before going to bed, take a small amount of the scrub and rub it onto your lips. Rinse off the lip scrub with water before applying a generous amount of lip balm.

January 2017 Around Town

Not up for the team aspect, but still want to achieve better fitness for 2017? Join the Eden Prairie Community Center for a 30-day individual fitness challenge. Goals are based on individual fitness levels. Experience new opportunities to step out of your comfort zone and become a more positive you. A kickoff and final gathering will take place. Participants can…

New Year 
Garden Resolution

Are you pondering making a New Year’s resolution, or do you avoid them so that you do not fail them? Whatever your answer is, you are in control of your own destiny. You are in control of what you eat, what you wear and what you say. You have the potential to do great things! So where are you going…

Time for Renewal

The beginning of every new year is a wonderful opportunity to make a fresh start. Kick a habit, lose the weight, or otherwise make a change in ourselves that we deem needs improving. A new year is, for many of us, a time of renewal. To break free from our day to day activities, and experience renewal, a trip to…

Green Acres Social

Green Acres hosted a social mixer for guests to meet their team and their fantastic vendors. Eden Prairie Lifestyle even got an opportunity to show attendees the newest issue!

My Heritage 
is my Home

So where are you really from? For so long I wasn’t sure what people were asking me when they posed that question. I’m from Minnesota. It was the only answer that made sense considering I was born here, raised here, and went to school here. Little did I know that being from Minnesota just was not enough of a response…


If the crowds and incessant traffic of current day big-box furniture stores are too much to bear, it's time to head west to Waconia, less than a 20-minute drive from Eden Prairie. Think of it as the best-kept secret for miles. Yetzer's Home Furnishings & Floor Coverings was established in 1941 by Wilfred Yetzer and has remained under family ownership…

Soup is good for the soul

Photography Kelsey Huffer This is definitely the easiest and best way to make rich-tasting butternut squash soup, without having to peel and dice a large, awkwardly shaped vegetable. You start by cutting the squash in half lengthwise and roasting it in a hot oven. Scrape the roasted flesh from the skin, and simmer it with sautéed … Continued