Cozy Up Your Home

Take a cue from the Scandinavian concept of hygge and welcome the transition of summer to autumn with a relaxing refresh Pumpkin spice, apple cinnamon and a hot cup of cocoa. Fall is all about getting warm and comfy as a chill hits the air—preparing yourself for winter, and cherishing those final moments of summer.  … Continued

Flights of Fancy

Catching a glimpse of a butterfly in your own back yard always feels just a little bit magical. Most of our gardens only host an occasional visit from these ethereal creatures, but you can create a garden bustling with butterflies if you attract them and create a habitat to keep them coming back. A little planning goes a long way.…

Give and take

Letting nature nurture us is a gardening trend recognized by Monrovia, one of the country’s premier growers. With the promise of spring approaching, Minnesotans look forward to seeing green trees and blossoms begin a new season of growth and beauty. Make plans now to surround yourself with nature and lend it a helping hand, too.

A plot twist for salads

There may still be snow on the ground, but it’s not too early to start planning for healthy, fresh summer vegetables, grown in your own garden. 

Take on the winter blues with green plants

It’s January in Eden Prairie. Welcome to some of the coldest days of winter. Temps are frigid, the wind blows right through you and even though our waking hours are gradually gaining daylight, it still gets dark before 5 p.m. Windows in our homes are all closed up tightly for the winter. We shut the doors quickly to keep out the…

A Christmas home in bloom

Looking for unique ways to add something festive to your holiday décor? Consider including a collection of seasonal live houseplants to the mix. Colorful living plants brighten the atmosphere in a room. Having scented, living plants around us adds to the love, laughter, and joy we seek when we host gatherings during this season of cheer and goodwill. If you’re…

Where Guests Gather

Thanksgiving is the perfect time of year to incorporate nature into your table décor. The color palette is rich and vibrant, the components are inexpensive, and you can create beautiful centerpieces with minimal fuss.

Garden Hibernation

Sadly, after such a late spring, our warm summer days have faded. Leaving our gardens ready for slumber. Here are five key things to remember when tucking them in for the winter.

New Growth

 Article Mary Walcker  September is a great time to think about planting new shrubs and trees in your landscape.  Many experts agree that in the fall, tree and shrub roots are naturally growing aggressively, aided by warm soil and cooler, wetter weather. The cooler temps that fall brings are best for new root growth. Keep newly planted trees or shrubs…

Final Days of Summer Gardening

 Article Mary Walcker  Even though summer is winding down, your garden still needs attention. Here are some important tips for August gardening to keep it looking its best into fall and winter.  Water, water, water! Make sure everything is getting enough water, about an inch per week for most plants. The best time to water is always in the morning…