Reflections of Winter into Spring

It is hard to believe 2017 has come to a close and we celebrate the beginning of a new year. It’s January and it is cold! Being hardy Minnesotans means that if we want to get outside for fresh air, we have to bundle up!

A Warm Welcome

Decorating for the holidays does not have to be expensive. Just look out your window for inspiration from the outdoors. This year try to opt for the simplicity of natural materials. It is all about imagination and atmosphere.

Nas-Drov-Via Vodka Cranberry Sauce

 Makes 3 cups  INGREDIENTS  1 (12-ounce) bag fresh cranberries, 
 rinsed and drained

Travel Edit/ Checkmate

Head to the desert in style with Steps of Style blogger Amy Dreyer for a girls trip filled with sun, fun and mid-century magic.

Mediterráneo Gin Penne Pasta Sauce

Add olive oil to a medium pot with diced onions, garlic, and red pepper flakes. Cook over medium heat until the onions and garlic start to soften and smell fragrant. Then add in tomatoes and sugar. Continue to cook the mixture for a few minutes before blending it up with a stick blender. Add the Mediterráneo Gin to the mixture,…

Looking Their Best

We sat down with Dr. Holly Hanson and Barbara Canter Peterson of Associated Skin Care Specialists to answer some questions about how your teen can get their skin ready for back to school.

Five Tips for a Happy Life from Man’s Best Friend

Ask anyone what their goal is in life and their answer will probably be, “To be happy.” If our dogs could talk, they would share five reasons we can improve our happiness through their example. Here is a snippet of that conversation.

Minnesota Monarchs

Did you know that Minnesota’s state butterfly is the Monarch? The Monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus), also known as the milkweed butterfly, was adopted as the state’s official butterfly in 2000. Because of its size and colorful markings, it is hard to miss in backyards, parks, and rural areas.

Perfect Signature Cocktails

Create the perfect signature cocktails for your special event. Both recipes can be made in advance (withhold the ice until ready to serve) in a pitcher. Display the finished cocktails on the bar top with a hand-crafted label to entice your guests. Be sure to have lots of lavender sprigs and wide cut orange rinds on hand. They will make…

DIY Spring Cleaning Tips

The saying, "what goes around comes around" has never been truer than with household tips and tricks. Cleaning short-cuts and tips got their start during the depression years to help the woman of the home save time, money and solve a common problem, household tips have been traded and shared by anyone running a home for years. There's even been…