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The jury is still out on the first month of the year's origin. January may be named after the Roman god Janus, who represents doors. Others say  January’s patron is Juno, goddess of birth. Either way, they’re both on-the-nose for the month of change.

The Magic of Children’s Theatre Company

 Article Alex Ramey | Photography Provided by Children's Theatre Company  Children and adults alike have heard tell of the wonderland that is the Children’s Theatre Company. The transformative Midwestern magic that teleports attendees is known far and wide - but those of us in Eden Prairie are lucky enough to live just a stone’s throw away.  Filling the role of…


Fall in love with 9710 Sky Lane located in SE Eden Prairie nestled in an area between the Minnesota River Valley and Pioneer Trail. This neighborhood has bucolic rolling hills, mature woods and beautiful homes. It’s not often we find a location that has it all – 9710 really does have it all.