January 2018 Lifestyle Letter

It's no coincidence that January 1st is the most self-centering 
day of the year. Let's take a look at the numbers. January 1st is 1/1, and it's the day your assignment is due - Who am I and what am I doing? The number 1 and the capital I only happen once a year and each day after that we build on that…

December 2017 Lifestyle Letter

The holiday season is upon us. Our family, like yours, is immersed in preparation and celebration of all that is dear to us. For us, the holidays are a time of appreciation and reflection on all of the gifts that we have been given throughout the year and what is yet to come with family, friends, and community.

November 2017 Lifestyle Letter

There's something about Thanksgiving that makes it my favorite holiday. Whether that be because of the crisp fall air, the good food, the amusing table conversation, or a combination of it all. Regardless, every year I look forward to sitting down with loved ones and inhaling piles of stuffing, mashed potatoes, and green bean casserole.

October 2017 Lifestyle Letter

As we welcome in the new season, we also say “hello” to the up-and-coming trends that follow. Whether it be trends in clothing, interior design, foods, or housing, fresh fall styles are here… to stay? So maybe not all trends become classics, but that might be a good thing. After all, I for one am relieved that denim fedoras, waterbeds,…

September 2017 Lifestyle Letter

September is a month of celebration for the staff of Eden Prairie Lifestyle. It is our one-year Anniversary! Our first year bringing you Eden Prairie Lifestyle has been a fabulous and enriching experience for all of us. Our goal from the outset was to bring our readers a publication that would be interesting, entertaining, and informative and to do so…

August 2017 Lifestyle Letter

Back to School - the time you have either been dreading or excitedly anticipating. Regardless of your stance on the time of year, it's soon approaching. We now have a month to fit in every warm weather activity we forgot to do this summer, schedule dozens of medical appointments, buy supplies, and mentally prepare for the upcoming school year.

July 2017 Lifestyle Letter

After bundling up with countless layers, slipping on ice during each commute to and from work, and fighting frostbit fingers, summer is finally here. And you know what? I'm already too hot. But as an employee of my local drugstore said to me, that's when you know you're a true Minnesotan.

May 2017 Lifestyle Letter

There are very few things that I am as passionate about than the support and recognition of women. I find myself being inspired by both women I personally know and those I do not know on a daily basis. Many of these empowering women that I have the pleasure of looking up to are ones I have met through Eden…

April 2017 Lifestyle Letter

Being in my mid-twenties has brought me to my fair share of weddings. I have found that my favorite part of each celebration has been seeing the unique personalities of the couple ingrained within every aspect of their day. A great wedding is a portrait, carefully designed and curated by the couple to represent who they are and how they…

March 2017 Lifestyle Letter

Happy March everyone! 
Up to this point, winter seems to have left us high and dry showing off all the flaws around the house. Have no fear fellow homeowners; there is help out there for all your projects. Established in 1880, Eden Prairie truly had its building heyday a full one hundred years later. I've been a part of so…