Summer is here. Road Tripping Begins

The Summer season is here. There are very few things in the world that are better than Summer in Minnesota. School is over, trips to the lakes begin and lifelong memories are created with our families. Summer events in Eden Prairie are many, and there is so much to appreciate right here at home.  As … Continued

A Celebration of Spring

Spring is in full swing and welcomed after a long winter. Spring brings us wonderful possibilities. It is a time for outside activities with our families, working in our gardens, attending sporting events for our children, and for me, baseball is back. All seasons in Eden Prairie are to be appreciated, but spring is always … Continued

Nature Mother

My mom taught me to love nature. My parents and I packed a picnic and drove about an hour out of Sidney, Nebraska to hike in what we called “Marlboro Country” on many Sunday afternoons. We hunted for fossils and arrowheads, and listened for birdcalls. Mom also had a green thumb. Every corner of our yard had … Continued


Eden Prairie. Your hometown. Your house. A cabin. A college dorm home-away-from-home. Millennials may call both our empty nests and their own apartments “home.” We had fun brainstorming ideas for this home issue. Dream kitchens, organized garages, historical homes, color trends, and landscaping. To add heart, we included a story about rescuing animals who’ve been … Continued

Feeling crafty

I’m a dabbler. It’s particularly apparent now, as my husband and I downsize to a smaller empty nest. The stereotypical culling of household history is problematic for a person like me. I’m easily inspired, and I love to try new things. I also prefer short learning curves. My attention span is gnat-like. Our home wasn’t immediately “list … Continued

I have promises to keep.

I’m not a native Minnesotan, but I love it here. Even in winter. I love snow. My favorite poem is Robert Frost’s Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening. Snow is inconvenient and treacherous, but it’s worth it. There’s nothing better than a Currier and Ives scene out my window. The key words here, though, are … Continued

We have “a bit”

I’m married to an audiophile. He frequents a hipster record shop, compiles playlists for special occasions, criticizes Alexa’s and iTunes sound quality and has a vintage turntable that means something to him but is lost on me. He also really, really likes Christmas music. My birthday is in December and ever since I’ve known him, he’s … Continued

Lifestyle Letter

Gratitude. You can usually find the fount of Thanksgiving’s classic emotion in the most likely places. Sometimes – if you’re really lucky – you experience gratitude thanks to an eye-opening, unexpected source. Since I started writing for Eden Prairie Lifestyle, I’ve been learning lessons about leadership from someone less than half my age. This issue … Continued

Lifestyle Letter

It’s so easy to see food as a hassle, purely nourishment we have to stress about daily. But when we are able to switch our perspective and view food as a unique experience, something that tells a story, is when we can graduate to becoming a “foodie”. Why not make something we have to do, into … Continued

Lifestyle Letter

Fall is finally here, and while most people are excited to welcome in the cooler weather and autumn colors, I’m here for one thing and one thing only, fall fashion. I push away Pumpkin Spice Lattes to grab some vintage athleisure and catch up on the Fall 2018 runway shows that premiered last winter. Here at Eden … Continued