Kitchen Creativity

In the iconic film, The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy repeats, “There is no place like home.”

Driving Enthusiasts Delight

The Jaguar F-Pace Luxury SUV delivers luxury performance with everyday practicality. This Jaguar SUV delivers nimble sports car performance with the luxury, quality and styling that comes with the Jaguar brand.

Rustic Renaissance

The rustic aesthetic is a concept we’re all familiar with, whether we realize it or not. That’s because it finds its roots in what is already familiar - reclamation and home. In the world of design, the term “rustic” will come paired with a qualifier: think rustic farmhouse, rustic elegance, rustic minimalism. These ideas evoke distinct imagery: gnarled wood, rich…

Where the Pets Go

 Article Andy Stavast | Photography John Wagner  One of the benefits and true joys of publishing Eden Prairie Lifestyle is that occasionally I can write about something that I am particularly passionate about. Our August Pets and Kids issue allows just that. I would think all would agree that we are truly passionate about our children. We love kids! I…

Where to Play A Round

 Article Jay Smith  As the spring sun melts away the remnants of another Minnesota winter and the once barren trees start to bud and lawns slowly begin to transform from brown to green, Minnesotans are called to the outdoors. For some, this means swapping out their tactical arctic gear for a lightweight fleece and (dare I say it?) a pair…

The Perfect Venue

Famous for their 35 acres of meadows, bluffs, and woodlands, Round Barn Farm is known for their stunning views. This Red Wing venue was built in 1914 and is located near the Mississippi River Valley, about an hour outside of the Twin Cities. Former Eden Prairie residents, Kirk and Wendy Stensrud, are the proud owners of Round Barn Farm Bed and…


Are you looking for a casual - laid back place to hang out with your people? Piper's is an excellent choice to add to your list. Mark and Jenny Jundt opened in 2009 as JJ's Coffee and updated the name to Piper's in honor of their daughter Piper born this past year.


There’s nothing better than winding down with a latte and a fluffy pastry in a warm and inviting atmosphere. Rustica Bakery and Café has moved into the Smith Douglas More House and has quickly become a new Eden Prairie Hot Spot. As you walk into Rustica you instantly feel like you’ve entered a hipster Minneapolis coffee shop, with a collection…

Come Celebrate Jimmy’s 10 Years!

What makes a sumptuous evening out? A great meal served by friendly people in an inviting and comfortable atmosphere would be our definition. Jimmy’s Restaurant at 11000 Red Circle Drive is just that place. Located at Crosstown Hwy 62 and Shady Oak Rd, Jimmy’s features contemporary and traditional American cuisine with global influences, market fresh fish and seafood, Top Quality…

Licking your fingers is OK!

Licking your fingers is OK! So I’m thinking I’d like to have the perfectly chilled _(fill in the blank)_ to go with the crunchy _(fill in the blank)_ dipped in _(fill in the blank) _and then If I order _(fill in the blank)_ and you order _(fill in the blank)_ we’d have it all (until desert) Bwahahahahaaa!