Whether celebrating love or friendship, every February 14 brings an outpouring of emotion as loved ones and friends carry out the time-honored traditions of Valentine’s Day. Cards and gifts, typically flowers and candy, are exchanged and sweet promises and expressions of affection are made. Best of all, getting a Valentine isn’t dependent upon whether you have been naughty or nice.…


After a long day at work you walk into the house and an enthusiastic, energetic Boxer runs up to you with a smile and showers you with kisses to welcome you home. Minnesota Boxer Rescue and Rejection Collection Boxer Rescue share their insights into Boxer dogs and why adopting this breed is so rewarding.

Fall in Love with your Home

February is a cold month in Minnesota, but also the month we celebrate love. How about giving your home some love with a few updates that will make you fall in love with your home all over again! For tips on how to best do this, we turned to Tom Wiest from Yetzer’s in Waconia.


Admit it – you’ve cried during a movie. This experience of feeling what someone else is feeling, even a fictional character, or to let our emotions show is the result of being able to connect with emotion. That’s the purpose of art, to create a form of communication that allows us to experience emotion.

Follow Your Dream

As the market leader in luxury fitness, the Life Time brand champions a healthy way of life. Through its national network of Life Time Living and Life Time Work spaces, the Company is going beyond fitness to encompass the entire spectrum of daily life for individuals, couples and families.

Find a Workout Partner

January is about new beginnings and trying new things. For many of us, that means New Year’s Resolutions and getting in shape after the holidays. Just getting started is the hardest part and a Group Fitness Class at the Eden Prairie Community Center is a great way to get going.

Cancun Calling

A few steps outside the airport doors, you notice something is missing. Under a sun-drenched sky, the thought comes to mind that the chill in your bones is finally gone. With blue skies and warm sand beaches, Cancun is just what the doctor ordered to combat your winter blues.

Fun in the Snow

With cold temperatures and snowy days, what better way to get the most out of winter than get outside and have an adventure. Luckily, Minnesotans don’t have to go far to find fun in the snow. Here are a few places close by that offer exciting thrills for adults and families.

Eden Prairie Gift Guide

The holidays are almost here! As always, the question is, “What gifts am I giving?” Take the stress out of finding just the right item by using our curated list for him, her, kids and pets. 

The Ultimate Biohack

Having just arrived for my first Osteostrong session, I was reading testimonials from a video on the television screen and was impressed.