Rites of Spring

Once again, my fellow Minnesotans, we have paid our dues. The driveway has been shoveled and salted many times over. Our quadriceps are strong from high-stepping through snow. Your garden missed you. Does anyone love spring as much as a Minnesotan with a good antihistamine? 

Rock Hounds’ Retreat

Picture a lake house designed to take in the spectacular vistas all around it. Lake Superior’s North Shore, The Caribou River’s rocky waterfalls, lots of sky, water, and granite. One of the home's lucky owners captures the views with her artist’s eye and her camera lens, from the sun shimmering on the vast expanse of water to trees lit only by…

Get Out(side)!

Grab a picnic blanket, find a shady tree and celebrate spring with approachable ecology books.

Planting for clean water

I was never a fan of Frank Lloyd Wright. Then, I read a book about him. Learning about how his architectural designs were created to connect to the natural environment, I began to see the beauty in his work. I felt the same way about a yard with a naturalized landscape of native plants and ground covers. To my uninformed…

Common Grounds

Sheldon and Mary Smith moved from Pike, New York to Eden Prairie in 1857 when they were just 26 and 22 years old. The young couple lived in a small cabin by Duck Lake in their early years in Minnesota and moved into a beautiful red brick five-bedroom home in the early 1870s, which was built by Sheldon himself. 

Gimme Shelter

Eden Prairie consistently ranks as one of the best places to live in America. With its excellent public schools, residential neighborhoods and thousands of acres of land for parks and open spaces, Eden Prairie offers residents a high quality of life. But is it a good place to be a pet?

Unlock your dream home by zone

With spring upon us, you aren’t alone if you’re in the mood for something fresh.  Because our surroundings affect our mood, now may be the perfect time to dive into some well-deserved updates. We reached out to four local industry experts to talk trends for kitchens, living rooms, entertainment, and garages. 

Give and take

Letting nature nurture us is a gardening trend recognized by Monrovia, one of the country’s premier growers. With the promise of spring approaching, Minnesotans look forward to seeing green trees and blossoms begin a new season of growth and beauty. Make plans now to surround yourself with nature and lend it a helping hand, too.

Starring Students

The acronym PiM is an open door for curiosity. It’s pronounced “Pim.” The “Performing Institute of Minnesota Arts High School” sounds a bit old-fashioned and doesn’t quite fit. The modern arts-focused charter school is authorized by the University of St. Thomas and is located on Flying Cloud Drive right here in Eden Prairie, found within the former walls of Eagle…

What the World Needs Now

Preschool children love to be busy. They're curious and inquisitive. They like to choose their own activities and fix their own minor mishaps. On a recent visit to Eden Prairie Montessori, we were charmed when the children noticed us at first, asked a few questions about our photographer's camera, then - with refreshing, uninhibited purpose - went back to the…