Local twists on New Year’s Eve libations

We asked a favorite neighborhood spirits shop - The Vintage in Chanhassen - to recommend New Year's Eve cocktails made with locally distilled spirits. The French 75 Champagne Cocktail made with Eden Prairie's Flying Dutchman Sprits Mediterraneo Gin will add urban pizazz to your New Year's Eve. Regale downtowners with facts about the drink's heritage. Predating World War I, it was…

A frontman’s party playlist

The Violet Nines are a vibrant outfit with alternative rock sounds influenced by funk, pop, and rhythm and blues. Each band member - Andrew Elmeer, Benjamin Cline, Nick Eagon, O’SAY and Veronica Fritsch – brings unique personality and talent to the stage. 

Winter reads

From an enduring classic to a hot new release, these frosty books all pair well with a steamy, creamy cup of hot chocolate.

Rustic Renaissance

The rustic aesthetic is a concept we’re all familiar with, whether we realize it or not. That’s because it finds its roots in what is already familiar - reclamation and home. In the world of design, the term “rustic” will come paired with a qualifier: think rustic farmhouse, rustic elegance, rustic minimalism. These ideas evoke distinct imagery: gnarled wood, rich…

Planning for a Healthy Holiday

Want to enjoy the holidays but avoid derailing your healthy lifestyle? It all starts with a vision and a plan. Holidays can be a time to relax some of our normal discipline with eating and exercise, but without clear goals and guidelines, we are never quite sure what we are aiming for.

All I Want for Christmas is…

Thinking about lifestyle profiles for the people on your nice list helps you find the perfect presents. If you have a few dear ones who deserve a special gift (or two), we’ve done some of the legwork for you. Check out some of the year’s top gift ideas and have fun shopping! We’ve included websites for a few local favorites.

New Recipes for Traditional Fun

There’s the Macy’s parade and football, but most Thanksgiving traditions center around food. Maybe you’re an honored guest this year and all you have to do is bring a bottle of wine, then dine. Cheers! Bon appetit! Please read on, but this recipe for new traditions is for our generous hosts. If your home will be scented with fresh sage…

A Grateful Heart Gives Back

Willa June is giving back again. The Victoria boutique will celebrate Small Business Saturday, November 24th, by giving 10% of their proceeds to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Children’s Minnesota Hospital.

Local Generosity by the Numbers

The PROP Shop has served over 2,600 families since 2007, thanks to the 20,000 people who have donated gently used items and over 2,700 volunteers. They collect donations, sift out what’s needed for the Family Services area and sell other items to the public in their resale shop, a top destination for thrift shoppers. Proceeds from the resale store are…

Where Guests Gather

Thanksgiving is the perfect time of year to incorporate nature into your table décor. The color palette is rich and vibrant, the components are inexpensive, and you can create beautiful centerpieces with minimal fuss.