A Little Spot of Italy

According to leading review websites, and any looped-in local you ask, Campiello is the number one Italian restaurant in Eden Prairie. Part of the D’Amico family of authentic-but-modern restaurants, Campiello Ristorante & Bar is an elevated Italian food experience right here in Minnesota. Offering “rustic contemporary” Italian dishes, their selection includes specialty meats and seafoods, authentic pasta dishes, woodfired pizzas,…

Eclectic Eating

Cooler weather makes us want to find our way back from the grill to a cozy kitchen. We asked our favorite bookseller, Debbie Stephens, to curate a cross-section of new cookbooks. She chose two local gems and an on-trend sensation.

Driving into Autumn

Hit the highways and byways this fall! If October is a hectic month for you, a no-frills day trip brimming with crisp air and fall colors may revive you. Feel just a little bit less like a city slicker with minimal fuss. Pair your drive with a soundtrack and get your companions to sing along!

Garden Hibernation

Sadly, after such a late spring, our warm summer days have faded. Leaving our gardens ready for slumber. Here are five key things to remember when tucking them in for the winter.

Kids Cafe

No matter who you are there is a food that brings you back to your childhood. Maybe it’s a family recipe that’s been passed down through generations of your family or something you and your friends whipped up on a lazy summer day. Food has the power to take you back to the kitchens of your parents, grandparents, and neighbors.…

Fall Twenty-Eighteen

 Article Nancy Renneke | Photography Genét Jean-Pierre  We love fall fashion. Eden Prairie Lifestyle watched the runways, perused top fashion periodicals and checked in with one of the area’s most fashionable women. Jodi Larson at Willa June boutique in Victoria helped us interpret fall trends and showed us how they translate to the cozy and comfortable pieces showing up locally.…

Inside the Kitchen with Campiello

 Photography Nora Johnson  Ingredients:  Italian style bread

New Growth

 Article Mary Walcker  September is a great time to think about planting new shrubs and trees in your landscape.  Many experts agree that in the fall, tree and shrub roots are naturally growing aggressively, aided by warm soil and cooler, wetter weather. The cooler temps that fall brings are best for new root growth. Keep newly planted trees or shrubs…

Going to the Dogs

 Article Nancy Renneke | Photography Genét Jean-Pierre  Dogs rule in this little corner of Eden Prairie. They exercise on nearby Three Rivers trails when they’re humoring humans with civilized runs and walks on leashes. They romp free-style at the off-leash park just down the street. They ponder life as a dog, gazing at lakes and wetlands while neighbor friends chat.…

The Magic of Children’s Theatre Company

 Article Alex Ramey | Photography Provided by Children's Theatre Company  Children and adults alike have heard tell of the wonderland that is the Children’s Theatre Company. The transformative Midwestern magic that teleports attendees is known far and wide - but those of us in Eden Prairie are lucky enough to live just a stone’s throw away.  Filling the role of…