February … it’s all about the love story.

Telling that special someone how you feel is a time-honored tradition on Valentine’s Day. But think bigger this year, make February a month to fall in love with your entire life. Inside are a few gift ideas, along with ideas for a special date night to “wow” the love of our life. If you don’t … Continued

February 2020 Around Town

Real ID – New Requirements starting Oct 1st, 2020 You might have heard of the new requirement for boarding domestic flights or visiting Federal buildings called Real ID. Starting October 1st, 2020, a regular driver’s license or ID card will no longer be accepted as identification. You can of course use your passport, but if you are … Continued


Whether celebrating love or friendship, every February 14 brings an outpouring of emotion as loved ones and friends carry out the time-honored traditions of Valentine’s Day. Cards and gifts, typically flowers and candy, are exchanged and sweet promises and expressions of affection are made. Best of all, getting a Valentine isn’t dependent upon whether you have been naughty or nice.…

Edina Realty “Trees for Toys” Celebration

An annual celebration, Edina Realty's "Trees for Toys" was another success. Guests brought toys that were donated to Trinity Mission families in exchange for trees, wreaths, centerpieces or a potted live tree. A photographer captured pictures with Santa, face tattoo's were available and refreshments were plentiful. A fun event that highlights Edina Realty's commitment to … Continued


Valentines is the perfect gift-giving opportunity to let your loved ones know how you feel. After all, telling people how much they mean to us is important but showing it with a gift makes them feel extra special. To help in your search for the perfect gift, we’ve come up with a list of fun choices in a range of…

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Admit it – you’ve cried during a movie. This experience of feeling what someone else is feeling, even a fictional character, or to let our emotions show is the result of being able to connect with emotion. That’s the purpose of art, to create a form of communication that allows us to experience emotion.


After a long day at work you walk into the house and an enthusiastic, energetic Boxer runs up to you with a smile and showers you with kisses to welcome you home. Minnesota Boxer Rescue and Rejection Collection Boxer Rescue share their insights into Boxer dogs and why adopting this breed is so rewarding.

Fall in Love with your Home

February is a cold month in Minnesota, but also the month we celebrate love. How about giving your home some love with a few updates that will make you fall in love with your home all over again! For tips on how to best do this, we turned to Tom Wiest from Yetzer’s in Waconia.

Eden Prairie Community Leader’s Luncheon

Flagship Bank and the Eden Prairie Community Foundation held their annual luncheon to honor 75 community leaders who help make Eden Prairie a great place to live and work. Attendees included non-profit organizations, business leaders and political representatives that have have contributed to the betterment of our community.