With the beginning of a New Year, we have a blank slate to get healthy, learn new things or stop bad habits. The problem is sticking to our new routines the further we get into the new year. Here are some tips to help you on your way. Start small and change one thing at the time. Don’t try and change everything on January 1st. Take small steps towards the goal and celebrate every step. Write down your goal and successes on sticky notes and leave them where you can see them everyday. Share your goals with friends and family so they can cheer you on and support you when it gets tough. If you take a few steps back, don’t beat yourself up, simply dust yourself off and keep walking towards your goal. They say it takes 21 days to change a habit, so that means by January 22nd it will be much easier to stick with your resolution! 


We often talk about not leaving dogs in cars when it is warm outside, but the same goes for cold days. Leaving your dog in a cold for even a few minutes can be harmful, so if it you have to be away for more than a few minutes, leave your pet at home. If your dog has short hair, consider buying a coat. There are models for all sizes of dogs available. It will help your pet be comfortable when outside. You might want to consider investing in doggie boots as well. Your pet might not like it, but it will prevent snow and ice from sticking to its paws and drying them out. It will also protect against irritating snow melt salts and sand. You can whip up pet-safe ice-melt at home. Add 6 cups of dish soap and 2 oz. rubbing alcohol to ½ gallon of warm water. Pour the liquid over icy patches. You can also look for ice melt salt designed to be safe for your pet at your local store.


With the holidays over, we all tend to get busy with our own lives. January is a good month to spread some kindness to your neighbors. Surprise a neighbor by bringing in their trash can or shoveling their driveway. You will be surprised at how little things can brighten someone’s day. Hand write a card to say thank you. Now that everything is email, a handwritten card will be cherished. Leave little sticky notes of encouragement in library books, on a restroom mirror or in someone’s locker. You never know how this will inspire others to carry forward kindness. Call a friend you haven’t talked with for a while. We all get busy but catching up with friends is worth slowing down for. Instead of looking for negativity online, leave a positive comment and remind others of the good in the world. Remember “Be kind. Everyone’s fighting a battle you know nothing about.”



When it snows, Eden Prairie maintenance crews clear 233 miles of City streets plus arterial sidewalks and trails. Residents can help by shoveling around hydrants and mailboxes and by clearing the sidewalks in front of their homes. Remember that it is illegal to place snow on a public roadway. As soon as snow accumulation reaches two inches, a Snow Emergency is in effect. Do not park on City streets until noon the next day. Maintenance crews perform a full curb-to-curb cleanup from 3 a.m. – noon, weather permitting. Snow Event declarations are posted on the City websiteFacebook and Nextdoor. You can subscribe to City News for email and text notifications.