As we start a new decade, this January is a natural point to cleanse, start fresh and move forward. With that in mind, our focus this month is on being healthier and happier. We encourage you to enjoy the wonders of the season (Including snow) and to explore opportunities to grow through activity and by following your dreams. There’s also something for those wishing for warmer climates.

While some are racing to set new goals, others are mulling over whether to make the trek to the kitchen for another cup of coffee. Wherever you are in life, remember to give yourself some grace – you will only experience this moment once.

We are proud of the growth in our community through the last year – it’s exciting to think what 2020 will bring. As new businesses open, other businesses expand, charities fundraise and we all turn one year older, we look forward to sharing your stories and celebrating your milestones.

Thank you Eden Prairie – and Happy New Year!