Hearing Results on the Montessori Approach

The Montessori approach works with infants through kindergarten age to maximize learning potential. A mantra for the system is, “The first five years last a lifetime.” A common claim is that children who have attended Montessori schools (both public and private) do better on standardized tests later on in life. After 20 years of working with Eden Prairie Students, the Montessori South school is starting to hear back from former students. Program graduates who are now attending high school and college are reporting back that they are often at the top of their class rankings for academics. Is the Montessori method a good fit for your child? You can always schedule a visit to get a first-hand look. Visit EdenPrairieMontessori.com to learn more.

Winter Gardening Tip

The friendly staff at the Mustard Seed want to remind you that, while your green thumb might be covered with a glove for the next few months, taking care of your gardening tools makes a great winter project. Start by removing all dirt and debris from your tools. Next, use steel wool to remove any rust you find. Then sharpen pruners, saws garden hoes, tillers, mowing blades and shovels. Finish with a light coat of oil on your pruning shears, lawn mowing blades and saw blades, which will lengthen the life of your tools. Once Spring arrives, you’ll be happy you took time for preventative maintenance—and so will your garden!

Looking to Give Back?

You can help make the holidays brighter—just when the needs are greatest! New or gently used items are urgently needed at the Prop Shop, including blankets, bedding, towels and coats (Hats and gloves as well). The Prop Shop is open seven days a week. Volunteer opportunities are available. Learn more at PropShopEP.org.

Prop Food Shelf is another worthy organization to consider helping this season. Serving more than 3,300 people this year, with more than half of them children, the group fills needs for people suffering from a job loss or medical crisis, those who are homeless or seniors. Going hungry is a hidden sign of poverty; a gift of any size can help those who need a hand. Visit PropFood.org for more information or to donate.

Need Winter Car Advice?

Do you need to change your anti-freeze for winter driving conditions? What are the best tires when you don’t have snow tires? Sometimes you just have questions about your car that the chain stores don’t seem to have time to answer. Here’s a hint if you are looking for personalized service—check out Baker Automotive. You might not remember the old-time repair shops, but there were places where they knew you by name and knew your car inside and out. Those were places where you actually spoke to the mechanic about your car care. The friendly folks at Baker Automotive specialize in foreign imports, but you will find them equally knowledgeable when it comes to domestic cars. 

New Ideas for New Years

Ever hear what other people did for New Year’s Eve and wish you were there? One idea to update your New Year’s celebrations is to break it up by having appetizers at one neighbor’s home, dinner at another house and dessert somewhere else. There’s less work for all, and you can start late or cut the night short if needed. What about an outdoor scavenger hunt? It’s a great way to keep kids busy and share the night with multiple families. Another idea is to upgrade your ambiance by making the night formal. Dress to impress and rent a private room at a local establishment (Jimmy’s, Wildfire, Redstone, Kona Grill or Tavern 4 & 5). Rent the private room at Fat Pants and wear your jammies (or fat pants) for a casual night with friends (Enjoy a selection of tap beer you can’t get anywhere else!). Add pep to a home party by spiking your sweets (mimosa float, anyone?), and have plenty of photo props that can be found at a party store to liven up your pictures. Enjoy!