A Warm Hello 1

A warm hello to all who share our Eden Prairie community. What a privilege it is to serve you as the new publisher.

Started in 2016, Eden Prairie Lifestyle’s monthly magazine was created exclusively for and about Eden Prairie residents. Our vision remains the same, to play a small role in helping the community flourish, by producing a private magazine filled with relevant news and special events that take place each and every month. On many levels, we operate a little differently than your typical magazine. One of the most exciting facets of our publication is that it truly belongs to the community. Not only is Eden Prairie Lifestyle exclusively for and about the residents, but it is also the true pulse of what’s happening and important to you right here, right now.

In the three years since our debut, our magazine has stayed true to its mission, becoming a showcase for community news, entertainment and style. We have highlighted area leaders and people of interest, along with local movers and shakers that deserve to have their stories told. The goal is to have you recognize at least one person or organization each time you page through an issue. We want you to feel like this is your magazine. We want you to feel good about your home.

Is there any better season than Thanksgiving to remember our blessings? For this Thanksgiving holiday, our magazine thanks the outgoing publisher for giving us such a strong foundation to grow on. We wish to thank our advertisers for their trust in helping them grow their businesses. To our editorial contributors, thank you for capturing and holding our attention with great content. To our community leaders and to the people whose stories we tell, please know that we appreciate your willingness to share, serve and support.

Most of all, thank you, loyal readers. We will work hard to continue serving you and being your voice in the community.

As always, please feel free to reach out with any recommendations for articles for our upcoming issues. We would love to hear about your business, family or simply what’s going on in Eden Prairie.

We look forward to seeing you around town!