Enjoying the changing leaves, Eden Prairie? October is a great month to reflect and make changes in our own lives.

Maybe your home needs an eco-friendly update. Check out pages XX [DIY] for some green DIY home hacks that will make you feel refreshed.

If you need some inspiration first, read about Tom Oar, the mountain man, and his Walden-like lifestyle. Are the mountains calling? You must go!

We know that after you read these stories, you’ll want s’more. So, what better than a s’mores recipe? You’ll love our twist on a classic treat. Channel your inner chef and whip up an Eden Prairie Lifestyle-approved recipe (or two) in your own kitchen.

We promise we wouldn’t steer you wrong. And don’t forget about drinks! See pages XX [Culinary Creations] for a tasty Sangria recipe.

Dig in, Eden Prairie!