Summer is in full swing. We are finally in the season of sunshine and we are well into summer adventures. For many summers evoke fond memories of childhood. Who could forget going to their first Twins game, sleepaway camp, weekends at the lake with our cousins and swimming until your fingers shriveled like prunes?

In this issue of Eden Prairie Lifestyle, we want to remind you that summer is a season of great opportunity. Eden Prairie offers so many opportunities for fun. Always a great experience is our 4th of July Hometown celebration at Round Lake Park. Check out Starring at Staring music schedule for July. Many more great opportunities for fun are listed on the Eden Prairie city website. Just go to for more.

With so much to see and do this month, we have only scratched the surface of what Eden Prairie has to offer – but we hope we gave our readers a happy moment of thought about all that summer can be.

This month we welcome our new editor Emily Shea. Please feel free to contact Emily with ideas or comments. She loves the publication world and will make herself part of Eden Prairie.

Be safe, be happy, have fun.