Lisa Toomey
Executive Director Eden Prairie Crime Prevention Fund

Lisa Toomey is originally from Connecticut. She and her husband moved to Eden Prairie from Australia in 2001. She has been involved in Eden Prairie’s nonprofit sector for the last 17 years. Currently, she is the board chair for the Eden Prairie Crime Prevention Fund. The Crime Prevention Fund is the only organization that directly funds law enforcement programs in Eden Prairie. The organization provides funding for rewards, outreach programs, and community assistance programs for the Eden Prairie Police Department. Some of the programs funded include Night to Unite, Citizens Academy, Counter Act, Safety Camp, Shop with a Cop and the Explorers Program. Lisa also serves as the Treasurer of the PROP shop, and she has been a Lioness for the past 17 years. Her volunteer activities include organizations such as Let’s Go Fishing, Catholic Charities Respite Program, Virginia Piper Breast Center and she was also a former director for Meals on Wheels. Lisa recently went back to school to complete graduate studies in Nonprofit Management from Harvard. She completed the program in May. Lisa told us “Eden Prairie is a great city, full of remarkably talented people that love to volunteer” all a privilege to know and work with. Thanks for all you do Lisa and Congratulations on completing your graduate studies.


Katie Castro 
Executive Director of-of the Minnesota Women of Today

Katie and her husband Pete moved to Eden Prairie in 2004. Her community involvement includes being the Executive Director of-of the Minnesota Women of Today since 2011. She is also a past board member of the Eden Prairie Community Foundation, current Chair of the Grant Committee for the Community Foundation, funding chair for Scout Troop 342, first mate for the Eden Prairie chapter of Let’s Go Fishing and a volunteer for the Eden Prairie Baseball Association.

Katie and her husband Pete feel that it is imperative to raise children with examples of how to give back to the community showing their children Franchesca and Nicolas the value of volunteerism and how to be active volunteers themselves.

In Katie’s activities with the Eden Prairie Women of Today, she told us the organization’s creed is “We, the Women of Today, are service, growth, and fellowship. We believe that through us great lessons can be learned, good deeds performed and the hand of fellowship extended to millions of women everywhere. May we leave the world a better place because with lived and served within it.” 

Katie left us with “The creed is particularly meaningful to her as it serves as a daily reminder that truly, everything we do no matter how small- can contribute in some way toward making our world a better place. “

Katie, thank you for all you do both in deeds and example.

Vicki Bomben
Operations Director at the PROP Shop

Vicki grew up with the spirit of volunteerism. She has worked in the nonprofit sector for her entire career. After graduating from college, she worked for the United Council of Wisconsin Students, the NARAL organization in Washington D.C. You may recognize Vicki from the PROP shop where she has worked tirelessly for the past 12 years and currently is the Operations Director. Far beyond her position as Operations Director, you can find Vicki accepting donations from donors, organizing shelves, folding clothing and helping those in need who visit the PROP shop on Martin Drive.

When we asked Vicki what was fulfilling about her work she told us “seeing the number of people who care, working with the volunteers who have been committed over the years, the many ways they help and meeting those who want to help.”  When you visit the PROP shop ask to meet Vicki. You will be greeted with a smile, and she will thank you for being there.

Kathie Case
President of the Eden Prairie Historical Society 

Whether it’s treasuring the memories of her grandparent’s stories of old or fighting to save historical treasures across the landscape of Eden Prairie, Kathie Case lives and breathes the significance of history.  Active in volunteer and nonprofit organizations in Eden Prairie since 1988, Kathie has cherished the opportunities she’s had to serve on the Heritage Preservation Commission, to lead the charge on saving the historic structures such as the Consolidated School Gymnasium, the Cummins-Phipps-Grill homestead, and the Smith-Douglas-More house, to serve on the Eden Prairie Community Foundation and specifically, to chair the Foundation Ball in 2006, and to serve as President of the Eden Prairie Historical Society for the past 15 years. Her greatest joy is using the love of history to make this world a little bit better for others by empowering people to experience the realization that we are all merely on a journey that bridges the past to the future. Kathie is so grateful for her Society Board, her relationships and partnerships with leaders of Eden Prairie’s nonprofits, and the myriad of community members with whom she regularly interacts across our city. She welcomes everyone to become involved in the life of Eden Prairie, to join a commission, volunteer at a nonprofit, or lead a cause. History is not stagnant, nor is it just from ages ago.  Kathie Case is a leader of today, preserving and creating our collective memories so that future generations will have them to honor, treasure, and enrich their lives.