The Summer season is here. There are very few things in the world that are better than Summer in Minnesota. School is over, trips to the lakes begin and lifelong memories are created with our families. Summer events in Eden Prairie are many, and there is so much to appreciate right here at home.  As Eden Prairie residents we live in a city to be proud of and much to be thankful for.

As Publisher, bringing Eden Prairie Lifestyle to town, my goal and that of my teammates was to create a publication that makes residents feel that we belong to them. That we are all neighbors living in a community of positivity, moving forward with a sense of optimism, taking advantage of all the things that one of America’s best places to live has to offer. We are thankful and hope you are also.

One of our favorite annual projects is to highlight particular residents who help define our quality of life. This month we highlight “Men to Know” and “Women of Substance” in our community. Getting to know each of these beautiful neighbors was a joy to us. They represent excellence in purpose, commitment, giving back, all to sustain and build a great community to the next level. We hope you enjoy learning more about each of these beautiful neighbors. If you see them in town, introduce yourself to them. You will find that they will appreciate meeting you and making you a new friend. I assure you that they will make you feel that way.

June also celebrates fathers. Let’s take a moment and be thankful for our fathers for all the things they bring to the family unit. I will undoubtedly be thinking about mine.

As the Summer Travel season begins, please note the Summer Driving piece we bring to you. Eric Reynolds of Baker Road Automotive gives us a point by point checklist of Automotive best practices to ensure that our vehicles get us to our destinations with safety and economy as we create the memories of Summer.

To all our neighbors, we hope you enjoy meeting the special folks we highlight in June. Let the Summer begin, be safe, have fun creating lifelong memories.