As Minnesotans, we love the seasons. Yes, even Winter. Summer is upon us, and one thing we have in common is Road Tripping. So much to see and do. We have weathered the Winter and looked forward to seeing the awesome places and sights, in a State that is one of the most beautiful places for summer travel where we create great memories with our families.

Let’s look at how to prepare our vehicles, to ensure a great travel experience. A bit of upfront planning can make a big difference in safety, economy, and peace of mind. A well-prepared vehicle can be a big part of making sure our Road Tripping is a success. 

The Basics

The Basics will include the following: Checking the air pressure in all tires before your trip. Safety is increased along with better fuel economy. Make sure wiper blades are functioning properly. Check battery life. Did you know that Summer heat is tougher on batteries than winter cold? Check Brake Pads. Worn Brake Pads increase pedal fade and increase stopping distance. Test the headlights, brake lights, turn signals, emergency flashers, and interior lights. Have an emergency kit on hand.

Other items to include are Jumper Cables, a good Flashlight, an Emergency Flat Tire fix and a check on your spare. Gloves, Blankets, and Towels round out the prepared mix.

Climate Control

Other key areas to be aware of are air conditioning now known as climate control. Today’s automobile climate control systems control both heating in the winter and cooling in the warmer season’s. It has been shown that inspecting the climate control system of your automobile as the seasons have transitioned, ensures that all vents are open properly for the best performance possible.

Jump Packs

Eric Reynolds of Baker Road Automotive recommends a great piece of equipment for summering again-and year-round travel is a Jump Pack. There are multiple Jump Packs available that are efficiently priced that will start your car in all seasons, and they can do it from the 12-volt port in your car’s interior. That’s right, from the interior. And some come with USB ports to charge phones and game systems. 

We hope this checklist of items helps you and your family travel safely, efficiently and in a manner that allows you to see all the sights of Minnesota as you create the memories of Summer. 

The team at Baker Road Automotive has participated in the creation of this Summer Driving article. They offer Summer and Seasonal Automotive checkups. Eric Reynolds and Rick Carroll have years of experience assisting their customers in seeing out front that their foreign and domestic vehicles are in top shape for the season and making the driving experience safe and efficient.  They can be reached at 952-935-9777 and at