Eden Prairie abounds with quality of life. Our city is nationally recognized as one of America’s best places to live, and we love living here. We have great schools, wonderful parks and trails, excellent city services and a population that is fully cognizant that we live in a wonderful community. We also have many organizations that give back to the community daily. One such organization is the Prop Shop. The Prop Shop was started 12 years ago by Cindy Eddy, and this great organization and its volunteers address the needs of those who struggle in life and have needs that many of us will never experience. The Prop Shop is a resale store and nonprofit serving Eden Prairie and the southwest suburbs of Minneapolis. The store is full of quality clothing, household items and furniture for sale to the general public. The Family Service area helps local families with free clothing, household goods and furniture. 

Over the years more than 2,800 people have volunteered at The Prop Shop, and more than 20,000 people have donated various items that have been put to good use in the community. The organization works in partnership with many community groups such as The Eden Prairie Community Foundation, Rotary Clubs, Lions and Lionesses, local schools, churches, the City of Eden Prairie and many local businesses to support families in need. 

Needs in our community are all-encompassing ranging from a mother who needs baby bottles; a lady who came in requesting four forks; and families that need blankets, sheets and towels. The Prop Shop encounters and assists these very basic needs every day. Other items always in need are socks, gloves, children’s clothing, pots and pans. 

Who makes up The Prop Shop?

More than 504 volunteers in 2018 with the sole mission of giving back to others. The volunteer staff comprises great folks, some of whom donate their time daily, some monthly and some during various seasons of the year. This great organization would not exist without this dedicated group whose sole purpose is giving back to those in need.

How can you help The Prop Shop?

The organization is entirely self-funded, and cash donations are always appreciated. A great way to assist the effort would be as simple as looking in our closets and finding clothing items that have not been worn for some time and donating them.  We are in spring cleaning season, so now would be a great time to “prune the closet.” Your donation will be appreciated and be put to good use helping a family in need.

An additional way to help is to shop at the Prop Shop. For those who have never visited the Prop Shop, you can be assured that there are tremendous bargains to be had on quality clothing, and yes, designer clothing along with wonderful furniture items. Need that extra accent piece for the den? Are you looking for a great dining room set, a new couch and love seat for the cabin or den? You would be amazed at the quality and great pricing found at the Prop Shop.

The Prop Shop is a gem of an organization, helping those in need with the very basics in life. Come participate in the effort. Your donations of clothing, furniture and household goods will be appreciated and put to good use always. Don’t forget, the Prop Shop is a great shopping experience. Please keep the organization in mind during the spring-cleaning season and throughout the year.

The Prop Shop is located at 15195 Martin Drive in Eden Prairie. They can be reached at 952.934.2323 and online at PropShopEP.org.