Luxury Style and Versatility

Since its inception as a company in 1978, Land Rover has been a flagship product of England leading the pack in both luxury and off-road prowess. Land Rover predicted and started the large luxury SUV segment taking its off-road capabilities to the streets of London as the Range Rover, which has since become synonymous with success and affluence. Nine years later, in 1987, the Range Rover arrived in the U.S. and began traversing high-end neighborhoods and the occasional off-road trail for the more dedicated clientele. 

Land Rover had the large luxury SUV segment cornered until the year 2000 when the SUV boom began in the U.S. During this time, Land Rover, like many others, began to produce SUVs to meet every buyer’s need whether it was a six-figure Range Rover or the entry-level SUV, the Discovery Sport. Creating a wider offering of vehicles, Land Rover was able to expand its client base as the smaller SUVs remain true to the Land Rover heritage as true Luxury vehicles that do not forget they also have purpose beyond shepherding their occupants to the country club. 

The Land Rover Discovery Sport plays in the small luxury SUV segment against rivals like the BMW X3 and Audi Q5, yet it is almost in a segment of its own as it offers versatility no others in the segment do. With a sliding second row offering comparable legroom to the much larger Range Rover, this vehicle becomes attractive quickly as others in the segment struggle with second-row comfort. Beyond this, no other vehicle in the segment provides a third row for seating up to seven. Pairing this with the ability to configure seats and the cargo area to fit nearly any combo of luggage and people highlights the utility of this vehicle. Sticking true to the Land Rover nameplate, the Discover Sport keeps up with its big siblings off-road with terrain select modes and standard AWD. Whether you’re running carpool or going for some light mudding, the Discovery Sport will perform with ease. 

Owning a Range Rover used to mean shelling close to 100,000 or more for the privilege of driving a Land Rover. However, since the early 2000s, Land Rover has been producing more practical versions of the rather large Range Rover. Starting with the slightly smaller Range Rover Sport, the company saw quick success and followed it the even smaller Range Rover Evoque, which soon became the compact SUV of choice for posh drivers. The Evoque greets passengers with its sophisticated cabin wrapped in high-end soft-touch materials everywhere one looks. While being cradled in the plush interior of the Evoque, drivers will experience excellence on and off the pavement as the robust engine options deliver swift power and athletic handling to outperform the competition. 

Regardless of whether you’re more interested in capabilities or luxury, the Land Rover Discovery Sport and the Range Rover Evoque will both deliver. It comes down to how it will be used on a daily basis. If you’re after a high-end commuter, the Evoque may be the one for you; if you’re more of a weekend warrior looking to pack up people and gear, then the Discovery Sport may be more your speed. 

With specials running for the Land Rover Discovery Sport and the Range Rover Evoque, there has never been a better time to stop by Minneapolis Jaguar Land Rover to experience all these vehicles and the dealership have to offer as their dedication to a luxury experience is second to none. They are located at 8905 Wayzata Boulevard, Golden Valley and can be reached at 612.424.3546.