Spring is in full swing and welcomed after a long winter. Spring brings us wonderful possibilities. It is a time for outside activities with our families, working in our gardens, attending sporting events for our children, and for me, baseball is back. All seasons in Eden Prairie are to be appreciated, but spring is always special. It is a time of rebirth and full of fun activities.

As we celebrate this season of nature’s renewal, let’s be conscious of all the good things Eden Prairie has to offer. We have great parks, a host of great playing fields for our children, many community events and quality of life second to none.

We hope that you enjoy our offerings in our May issue. Our Healthy Lifestyle focus describes a unique strength building process that can be of benefit to people of all ages as we begin our outdoor activities. Also, as we engage with the spring season, let us all be conscious of those in need. Our article about the Prop Shop in Eden Prairie will bring information about an organization that helps those in need daily and is representative of the best in Eden Prairie. 

Looking forward to June, we are excited about bringing our readers our “Women of Substance” and “Guys to Know” in Eden Prairie features. Highlighting great folks who make our community a wonderful place to live is a particular pleasure each year.

Let’s celebrate a great time of year together!