through the lens of a North Shore denizen

Picture a lake house designed to take in the spectacular vistas all around it. Lake Superior’s North Shore, The Caribou River’s rocky waterfalls, lots of sky, water, and granite. One of the home’s lucky owners captures the views with her artist’s eye and her camera lens, from the sun shimmering on the vast expanse of water to trees lit only by the moon; from close-ups of volcanic stones tumbled smooth by eons in the chilly waves to landscapes of showy green forests that roll off the horizon. “It’s been a family retreat for three generations…we hike along the Cascade River and take the kayaks out on the lake, but mostly we love being surrounded by nature and family.” They love the North Shore rocks, too, building campfires on the granite shores, skipping basalt stones and practicing the art of balancing random rock assortments to create impermanent art objects. “You really don’t need much of a plan when you have a glass of wine and this view.” 

Editor’s note: our North Shore photographer has chosen to remain anonymous.