enlightening nature books

Grab a picnic blanket, find a shady tree and celebrate spring with approachable ecology books.

Vitamin N: The Essential Guide to a Nature-Rich Life, by Richard Louv

The “N” in the title stands for Nature. The author’s previous book, Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder, brought attention to the idea that our society’s shift to spending less time outdoors has resulted in a wide range of behavioral problems in children. Louv encourages everyone to get back outside. He stresses the importance and benefits of having a strong nature connection along with the numerous learning and healing benefits getting outdoors provides. The book is filled with outside ideas and activities for all ages. This is one guidebook everyone in the family can read, use and enjoy.

The Death and Life of the Great Lakes, by Dan Egan

When one reviewer described this book as an “ecological page-turner,” I was hooked. Egan, a reporter for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, combines history, trivia, and science for a fascinating – and sobering – look at the Great Lakes. He gives an interesting, detailed and easy-to-understand explanation of the complex natural system of the Great Lakes, damaging effects of our (human) actions over time and the impact of invasive species.  It is a must-read for everyone who cares about our Great Lakes.  

The Ecology Book – Big Ideas Simply Explained, DK 

A new release (April 2019) from DK, the world’s leading illustrated reference publisher. It’s the latest book in DK’s Big Ideas – Simply Explained Series which covers a wide range of topics. Do yourself a favor and check them out. This book contains over 85 key ideas on how the natural world works, a definition of ecology and history of ecological thought. The unique combination of words, bold graphics and pictures results in a beautiful and informational book.