serene spring colors

Sprucing up with fresh paint for spring? We caught up with Sara Trosen of Madison House Interiors and WOW 1 Day Painting’s Mike Sandness for up-to-the-minute advice. 

Trosen recommends grays and cool, neutral tones for a fresh, current look. “Grays can be the most difficult color to pick. The key to picking a great gray paint color is in the undertone. Red undertones tend to look purple, too cool and [gray] looks like cement.” Trosen’s secret is to use “mushroom tones” when seeking out the perfect gray. Looking for a little more color? Grays with “slightly blue and green undertones tend to work with many styles and colors, and slightly warmer neutrals are wonderful.” 

Unless you thrive on tedious prep work and have a steady hand, you may be in the market for a professional painter. Sandness tells us to look for hundreds of A+ reviews on various sites (Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, etc.) to vet potential painters. “Be wary, be careful, be diligent in your research. Verify the contractor and their work history.  Be sure to check credentials, insurance, reviews, and …references. Your investment is at stake…” Even the prettiest gray only looks perfect if it’s applied with precision.