Eden Prairie. Your hometown. Your house. A cabin. A college dorm home-away-from-home. Millennials may call both our empty nests and their own apartments “home.” We had fun brainstorming ideas for this home issue. Dream kitchens, organized garages, historical homes, color trends, and landscaping. To add heart, we included a story about rescuing animals who’ve been left out in the cold. The wind chills are frigid as I write this and I’m remembering that there are homeless teenagers seeking shelter, too.

I’m inspired by MoveFwd. It’s a nimble agency offering free counseling, drop-in services and housing help for homeless and at-risk young people – right here in our children’s hometown. For lots of homeless kids, school is a safe, warm place, so MoveFwd collaborates with Eden Prairie High School to reach out to them. They facilitate groups at the high school and offer support to students at the Tassel Transitions Program, too. Homeless teens may “couch hop” – sleeping on a rotation of friends’ sofas – or even spend cold nights in cars. One thing most of these kids have in common – striving to stay in school and earn a diploma. MoveFwd provides a safety net for young people in our community. 

Many of us are looking forward to spring home projects while local nonprofits are helping our neighbors find and set-up homes. Re-designing your living room? Ask the PROP Shop (propshopep.org) to pick up your old furniture. If you ordered a dog collar that’s too small, Secondhand Hounds (secondhandhounds.org) accepts donated pet supplies. Take a break from pondering the perfect shade of gray for the heart of your home, and think about how a donation to MoveFwd (movefwdmn.org) could help prevent homelessness for an Eden Prairie student.

A fresh coat of paint and helping a neighbor can put a spring in your step while waiting for the daffodils to bloom!

C’mon spring –