helping nature nurture us

Letting nature nurture us is a gardening trend recognized by Monrovia, one of the country’s premier growers. With the promise of spring approaching, Minnesotans look forward to seeing green trees and blossoms begin a new season of growth and beauty. Make plans now to surround yourself with nature and lend it a helping hand, too.


Spending quality time with nature can be a challenge when we’re juggling work and family time. Bringing plants indoors can help us get a little bit of nature every day. There’s something therapeutic about taking care of plants and it’s easy to do when they’re right there on your kitchen counter.


Give back to Mother Nature by minimizing waste. Join the composting trend for both food and yard waste. It turns into a sustainable mulch to help your plants grow.

Grow your own produce

More than ever, consumers want to know where their food comes from and how it’s grown. Cultivating food doesn’t have to be limited to homes with acres of land. Possibilities include containers on porches and decks; adding a few vegetables to your current planting design; or even hanging herb planters from your home’s eaves or in front of a kitchen window.

Pollinator gardens

It’s easy to help take care of our pollinator friends. Nurturing their habitat protects our ecosystems. Consider adding nectar-rich flowering plants to your landscape. The varieties with single flower tops usually make it easier for bees to access pollen. Planting a variety of flowers so both you and the pollinators enjoy the blooms for an extended growing season helps busy bees stay healthy.

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