the sweetest valentine

Preschool children love to be busy. They’re curious and inquisitive. They like to choose their own activities and fix their own minor mishaps. On a recent visit to Eden Prairie Montessori, we were charmed when the children noticed us at first, asked a few questions about our photographer’s camera, then – with refreshing, uninhibited purpose – went back to the business of learning while playing.

They fluidly shifted from seeking out groups to being alone. A little girl contentedly watered plants and spilled some water. After making her rounds, she wiped the spill up with a colorful cloth and hung it up to dry on a miniature clothesline. A boy painted a multi-layered acrylic masterpiece at an easel. Children assembled a puzzle map. Future readers practiced letter sounds. Industrious girls concentrated on tool skills with scissors and a screwdriver. Everyone picked up before moving on. 

Preschoolers also often wear their hearts on their sleeves. This group showed their love for the world with a special valentine, made with little handprints in the shape of a big heart and captioned with Burt Bacharach’s beloved lyrics. “What the world needs now is love, sweet love.” Its companion piece is another group endeavor; a studied depiction of our planet that’s as tall as the children. We found inspiration in the magical authenticity of these young artists and makers. 

Happy Valentine’s Day, Eden Prairie!