I’m a dabbler. It’s particularly apparent now, as my husband and I downsize to a smaller empty nest. The stereotypical culling of household history is problematic for a person like me. I’m easily inspired, and I love to try new things. I also prefer short learning curves. My attention span is gnat-like.

Our home wasn’t immediately “list ready.” The contents of our notably large investment in plastic bins provide an archeological dig studying bygone hobbies, some an attempt at keeping active tykes occupied, others to soothe my marginally artistic soul. 

There was a misguided fabric painting phase. I decoupaged. Big tackle boxes are filled with pretty beads and their accoutrements. I learned to knit, but I enjoyed buying beautiful yarn more than actually knitting. My friends graduated to intricate sweater patterns. I never finished anything but mindlessly knitted scarves. I was sure scrapbooking would create a lasting legacy for our family. I bought beautiful albums and archival papers. The Proex double prints languish in giant plastic bins nearby. I vaguely recall showing my first artfully completed page – “Our First Christmas” – to my husband, who noted he was wearing a Minnesota Twins World Champions sweatshirt in the photos. I was one year off, and my dalliance with scrapbooking was over. I planned to catalog wine. I collected cookbooks. I refinished furniture and sewed window treatments. Watercolor was fun for a while. Would you like to buy my piano?

Appreciating virtuosity is my most consistent “craft.” The arts are all around us, both in Eden Prairie and the metro area. I hope you enjoy our Valentine to local “Arts & Makers.” A group of busy preschool children inspired us, and the Eden Prairie Art Center staff convinced me I’d love the potter’s wheel…

Happy Valentine’s Day –