Martin Zellar on juggling gigs and workouts

Getting or staying fit isn’t easy for anyone. We’re all busy with work, family and an endless list of errands. Etching time out of a day for exercise doesn’t always happen. Eden Prairie Lifestyle had a chance to catch up with Martin Zellar, musician, podcaster, husband and dad. Zellar, once the frontman of Gear Daddies fame, now tours with his band, Martin Zellar and the Hardways. Fans of all ages go weak-kneed for his solo Neil! (Diamond) tribute sets, too. 


Martin, his wife and daughter reside in a mountain town in Mexico but spend a great deal of time visiting and performing in Minnesota. While maintaining a regular workout schedule isn’t in the cards for this guy given his sometimes-crazy schedule, his lifestyle in Mexico lends itself to days of walking everywhere. In fact, the Zellars don’t own a car and easily get a minimum of five miles of walking in each day. He meets his 10,000-step goal without even trying.


When Zellar is traveling, it’s tough to get those steps in, so he’s more thoughtful about getting to the gym for a workout. He’ll lift, run or hop on a machine, but that’s only when he’s got more time and not hoofing it around the walking city where he lives.


Zellar is a vegetarian, and Indian food is his go-to favorite. Finding things to eat when touring is a challenge. “I am often leaving work at 1 a.m. or later and it’s hard to resist the urge to stop and pick up junk food,” said Zellar. If he starts to pick up extra weight, it’s usually after an extended time on the road and he’s quick to get back into his healthy lifestyle in the mountains.


“I’ve been blessed with good genes and if I feel like I’ve let things slide, it doesn’t take me long to get things back in line.” When asked if he played sports as a youngster in his hometown of Austin, he’s quick to say that while he played baseball and hockey early on, by the time he hit high school his band was performing most weekends and he didn’t have time for high school sports.  That said, he’s a die-hard Twins Fan. “Good or bad, the Minnesota Twins are near and dear to me.”


Staying fit and managing a busy life isn’t easy. Martin Zellar has figured out a way to incorporate exercise into his everyday life patterns and when those patterns change due to work and travel, he adjusts to stay fit and ready for the limelight.