I have promises to keep.

I’m not a native Minnesotan, but I love it here. Even in winter. I love snow. My favorite poem is Robert Frost’s Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening. Snow is inconvenient and treacherous, but it’s worth it. There’s nothing better than a Currier and Ives scene out my window. The key words here, though, are “out my window.” I particularly enjoy snow from the cozy confines of our house.

I was brought up to love being outdoors. My dad grew up on a farm and my mom had a favorite wedge for splitting firewood. I had a fast sled and the figure skates of my childhood dreams. It was a short drive to the Colorado ski slopes and I’m spoiled about fresh powder. But the best thing in the Rockies is après ski. My Minnesotan snowshoes and hockey skates gather dust. I love snow because it’s picturesque. I don’t particularly like to be cold.

Picture a fireplace, a cup of tea, a bulky throw and a sleepy dog by my feet. My wintry scene is less than poetic, though. The snowy ground is pristine for mere heartbeats because our puppy isn’t sleepy for long. She’s big and messy and can jump higher than my head. I have to look quickly if I want to see perfect snow. She tears around, digs to find ground and wreaks havoc with my idyllic scene. She’s spirited and we’re inconsistent dog trainers. My 2019 resolution is a promise to Rosie.

I will walk her every day I can, even when it’s too cold for comfort. I’ll strap on my cleats for safety’s sake, don my jaunty beanie in a nod to sensible fashion, make sure my down-filled pockets are stocked with plastic bags and venture out. I’ll brace for the windchill and remind myself that fresh air is good for us and puppies take naps after their walks.

Cuddle up by your own fireplace and check inside for hygge inspiration from hearty Danes weathering winter.

Happy New Year –