fresh change for 2019

The jury is still out on the first month of the year’s origin. January may be named after the Roman god Janus, who represents doors. Others say  January’s patron is Juno, goddess of birth. Either way, they’re both on-the-nose for the month of change.

If you feel the itch to enliven your indoor space to match your energy, we’re here with you. We chatted with Tom Wiest, a local expert at Yetzer’s – a home goods company covering everything from flooring to tabletop accessories. 

Why do we find ourselves eager to change the space we live in at the same time that we’re motivated to improve ourselves? “We’re by nature drawn to the things we live in and with,” says Wiest.

Looking for easy and low-key ways to update your space? “Include an area rug,” said Wiest, “swap throw pillows. Minor changes double up the efficacy.” 

Aiming for something more? To design – or redesign – your home is work. When you do it right, though, it’s so right. When people feel good about the final result, “It’s just over the top.” said Wiest. “People make those choices based on emotion.”  

Our spaces are a big deal. The biggest challenge we face after deciding what we want? Getting what we want. If you have a vision, keep in mind that with sufficient research, you might not have to compromise. Consider getting custom work locally. Yetzer’s, a local source for custom design, loves a decisive client.  “Just because it’s custom doesn’t mean it’s expensive, it means you get what you want.” 

So why do we do it? Why are we so inclined to personalize the spaces we inhabit? Where we choose to make memories matters, according to Wiest. “We’re attached to the environment that we live in, grow up in, entertain in… When you love a space, you spend more time there.”