Marathons or bust!

We have some very fit neighbors in Eden Prairie, including a group of intrepid marathon runners. Esti Ollerman (50 marathons), Colleen Jason (35), Susan Engelhart (56) and Kris Beach (7) travel the world to compete in world-class marathons. They’ve even completed some “back-to-backs,” running one marathon on a Saturday and another on Sunday. The group will run the London Marathon in April to become “Six Star Finishers,” completing the Abbott World Marathon Majors set of the six premier marathons in the world: Tokyo, Boston, Berlin, Chicago, New York City and London.

Cross training and socializing

Pam Reimer is a multisport athlete. She participates in a pickleball league, runs lots of races and is an avid skier. She provided pictures of her having active fun on the courts, courses and slopes with family and friends.


Members of the “Odd Couples” group, a bunch of active Eden Prairie Swim team parents, get together once a month. They recently took a group curling lesson at Chaska’s Curling Center.




Tips for a fit and healthy 2019

We asked Dr. Josie Runyan, DC at Vital Elements Healing Center for winter health and exercise tips.

Immune System Aids

Echinacea/Elderflower tea.

Tea is soothing for your throat, great for hydration, and helps your immune system fight stressors such as the common cold.

Naturally colorful meals.

As a general health booster, meals that have a variety of natural color cover most bases for protective nutrients and help ensure your body has the building blocks to fight off anything winter throws at you.


When you are asleep, your body recovers and helps your immune system gain the strength to fight off colds. Thirty minutes of “no tech” time before bed will help regulate your sleep cycle for a quality night’s rest.

Exercise and recovery

Balanced workouts 

If you’re thinking of hitting the gym this winter, remember to work on muscle groups opposite each other, for example, biceps/triceps (front/back). Spend time focusing on upper body, front/back then alternate a day of lower body, front/back. This strategy allows muscles to recover on “off” days and prevents muscular imbalances.

Balanced stretching 

Similar to balanced workouts, paying attention to counter muscle groups when stretching prevents imbalances and injuries.

Dynamic workouts.

Activities like pickleball, basketball or Zumba help maintain range of motion in joints, benefit the cardiovascular system and add fun to your fitness plan. Start Slowly! Many people over-do a new workout regimen initially. This can result in extreme soreness, acute injury, and often deters people from trying again. Start with the foundation.