Bundle up chilly books and hot chocolate

From an enduring classic to a hot new release, these frosty books all pair well with a steamy, creamy cup of hot chocolate.

The Winter Soldier, Daniel Mason (2018)

One of the season’s most anticipated new fiction releases. At the brink of the first World War, an idealistic medical student enlists. Instead of a training hospital, he is sent to a remote outpost on the Eastern Front. He and a rifle-toting nun are the only medical personnel remaining. Intrigue, war, romance and family dynamics. Have a highlighter ready to capture your favorite passages.


Iron Lake by William Kent Kreuger (2009)

First in the popular Northern Minnesota-based series. Former sheriff, “Cork” McCorcoran returns to Aurora to investigate a high-profile murder and missing teen. If that’s not enough, add a blizzard, corruption and small-town secrets. Be prepared – as soon as you finish, you’ll want to immediately start the second book in the series. 


The Long Winter by Laura Ingalls Wilder (1940) 

When a blizzard hits DeSmet, South Dakota in October, the long winter begins and lasts until April. As the season drags on, food and coal are scarce. Almanzo Wilder (Laura’s future husband) to the rescue! Minnesotans can relate to long, “never-ending” winters. This one will make you appreciate modern-day heating, communication and weather forecasts. 


Classic Hot-chocolate….a wintertime staple. 

This homemade mix is delicious, natural and economical.

Makes 92 eight-ounce servings.


3 1/2 cups sugar

2 1/4 cups cocoa

1 tablespoon table salt

Whole milk


Mix: whisk to combine sugar, cocoa and salt. Store in an airtight container.

Individual serving: heat 1 cup whole milk on high. Add 2 tablespoons mix. Stir to dissolve.


If you’re reading The Long Winter: add a peppermint stick!

If you’re over 21: feel free to experiment!

Source: Martha Stewart Kids, Holiday 2001