tips from a local health and wellness coach

Want to enjoy the holidays but avoid derailing your healthy lifestyle? It all starts with a vision and a plan. Holidays can be a time to relax some of our normal discipline with eating and exercise, but without clear goals and guidelines, we are never quite sure what we are aiming for.


Visualize what you want to create for yourself by the end of the holiday season. Practice seeing this vision every day. Our thoughts influence our behaviors. Once it’s clear in your mind, your behaviors will follow more easily.  


Maybe your goal is not to gain weight during the holiday season. For many of us, that would feel like success. Set a goal and post it somewhere where you will see it every day and consider sharing it with a trusted person. Take corrective action with missteps immediately to keep on track for your goal.  


This might vary from person to person depending on what works for you and what you need. Whatever you decide to do – exercise, meditation, bringing healthy lunches to work – schedule time in your daily agenda. Preferably do it first. It will set a good tone for the day and help you control stress. 


Let’s face it, there are excessive amounts of alcohol and sugary treats everywhere you go during the holidays. Because of their addictive aspects, too much sugar and alcohol can lead to a downward spiral. Set reasonable guidelines and stick to them so things won’t get out of hand.  Remember your vision.


Prairie Health Companion. Mary Battista, NBC-HWC, National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach