Looking for unique ways to add something festive to your holiday décor? Consider including a collection of seasonal live houseplants to the mix. Colorful living plants brighten the atmosphere in a room. Having scented, living plants around us adds to the love, laughter, and joy we seek when we host gatherings during this season of cheer and goodwill. If you’re a guest, a holiday houseplant is a thoughtful gift. 

Amaryllis blooms in a bell-shaped form in warm, welcoming shades of red. Since these lovely plants are tropical, they require warmer temperatures and humidity in the air. 

Poinsettia has pointed red flowers that are associated with Christian tradition. Commonly seen in red, this plant can also bloom in shades of pink and creamy white, and can be found dyed in other, less traditional colors.

Paperwhite Narcissus is a close relative of the daffodil. It creates extremely fragrant bell-shaped blooms.

Christmas Cactus is a tropical plant originating in the tropical rainforests of southern Brazil. The flat, segmented stems of the plant remain green most of the year, but around the holidays, colorful red, pink and white blooms form. 

Christmas Azaleas bloom during the winter months and continue producing blossoms into early spring. This plant enjoys temperatures that do not rise above 68 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Cyclamen plants’ blooms are often delightful shades of red and white that complement traditional holiday décor. 

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