Winter Wonderland

a holiday memory from the Eden Prairie Historical Society

Christmas meant bundling up on a silent night for an hour’s ride to Shakopee for a church service. We rode in sleds with big boxes that had straw on the bottom. The snow used to twinkle and it was just beautiful! … There were no sounds but the bells on the horses…the air was so fresh, but once in a while we’d smell the horses!

…by the time we arrived [home], Santa Claus had been there. The fresh tree was lit with candles, and [there were] many gifts. We always wondered how all of this happened while we were at church! We got a few toys, and more practical gifts such as hand knitted scarves, mittens, and stockings. One Christmas I got a doll. It had a china head and hands, with eyes that opened and closed.

…We always had oyster stew made with the quart of oysters that Miller’s store gave its customers for Christmas. Rice pudding, oranges, apples, and hard candy were also special holiday treats.




from Eden Prairie Historical Society’s Kathie Case 

The Tessmer home was on the north side of Pioneer Trail, west of Eden Prairie Road. They all attended the old Methodist Church that once sat on the corner of Eden Prairie Road and Pioneer Trail.

Louise married Nelson Mitchell and in her later years lived in the old Mitchell house on Eden Prairie Road [facing] Candlewood Pkwy. Louise shared many stories with the Eden Prairie Historical Society over the years…she was a lovely person known for her kindness and giving to her community. 

The Miller family was known for their shared Christmas Eve Oyster stew. The celebration was festive with carols and dancing to the old piano on the second floor…a special place to gather with Eden Prairie friends!