Gratitude. You can usually find the fount of Thanksgiving’s classic emotion in the most likely places. Sometimes – if you’re really lucky – you experience gratitude thanks to an eye-opening, unexpected source. Since I started writing for Eden Prairie Lifestyle, I’ve been learning lessons about leadership from someone less than half my age.

This issue is Nora Johnson’s coda at Lifestyle; her nascent career has taken off in a big way after launching the magazine with our publisher. I want to avoid diminishing her power just because she’s much younger than me, but I feel undeservedly proud of her. Wisdom, after all, can come in the form of a talented young person with a refreshing perspective, a compassionate heart, an infectious laugh and a polished presence. Nora is the brand of editor writers love. She honors voice and doesn’t dictate story angles. Now she’s passing the editorial reins to me with a supportive spirit that seems a little like a unique role reversal if I concentrate on it, but mostly feels natural, just like any adept leader and mentor training a successor.

This Thanksgiving, I’m most thankful for my husband, our daughters, our work-in-progress puppy, our extended family and community of friends. I’ll raise a glass to my parents and brother, who will always be part of me. Another corner of my heart is grateful for my friend, Nora. She’s taught me a lot about respect for writers, photographers and creative curation.

Thanks too, to our publisher for giving me the opportunity to fill her very capable vintage sneakers.

I hope you, too, can find unexpected reasons to feel grateful this month.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Nancy Renneke, Editor