Lifestyle Letter 2

It’s so easy to see food as a hassle, purely nourishment we have to stress about daily. But when we are able to switch our perspective and view food as a unique experience, something that tells a story, is when we can graduate to becoming a “foodie”. Why not make something we have to do, into something we enjoy doing (if we have the privilege of doing so)?

Taking the steps to become a “foodie” is hard, believe me. It is so much easier to throw some Costco noodles into a pot and heat up some Newman’s Own Pasta Sauce to plop on top. But food is so much more than that. And although there are times where a rushed meal is completely necessary, there are times when it isn’t. In those moments I’ve found that cooking with basil leaves my mom’s garden and making some homemade pasta sauce with local tomatoes makes all the difference.

In this issue, we celebrate food and foodies alike.

This month’s feature delves into a local Italian restaurant that makes you feel like you have stepped out of Eden Prairie and into Tuscany. There is also a guide to some fantastic cookbooks, a list of “must-buy” kitchen tools, and an important look into a program that’s giving at-risk kids the space to learn and access nutrition.

Here’s to future beautiful meals with family and friends.


Nora Johnson