Kitchen Must-Haves 6

Kris Axelson, Eden Prairie resident and Account Manager for Eden Prairie Lifestyle, has been teaching people how to make meals easily and selling kitchen products as an Independent Pampered Chef Consultant for the past 18 years. We asked her to share with us her “must-haves!” 

“For me, cooking and entertaining are both passions. But just because I love it, doesn’t mean I want to spend hours on it. The key to getting in and out of the kitchen fast, regardless of your level of skill, is to have the right tools. The first step is to have your cooking ‘infrastructure’ at its best. That means the best quality you can afford in cookware and cutlery. These provide as the backbone for all your meals. You should focus on quality vs. number of pieces. A lifetime guarantee is a great sign of quality. The products shown are items that really save me time in the kitchen, and I just can’t live without!”

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