Providing nutrition curriculum to at-risk youth

No matter who you are there is a food that brings you back to your childhood. Maybe it’s a family recipe that’s been passed down through generations of your family or something you and your friends whipped up on a lazy summer day. Food has the power to take you back to the kitchens of your parents, grandparents, and neighbors. Experiences like these are the ultimate privilege.  An adult in your life had the equipment, time and resources to teach you. It is the right of every child to learn to cook in these environments. Kids Cafe is taking action to make this right a reality.

Kids Cafe is the brainchild of a St. Luis Park human service program, Perspectives. Their goal is important and concise; provide services to homeless, recovering women and their children. Over the past 42 years, Perspectives has become the largest therapeutic supportive housing for women and children in the Midwest. In an effort to add more programs for the youth, Kids Cafe was born.

Perspectives Kids Cafe takes place in an on-site commercial kitchen/classroom and seats up to 65 students at a time. The classes are comprised of homeless and at-risk children in kindergarten through eighth grade from both Perspectives housing campus and within the larger community of St. Luis Park. Kids Cafe is under the guidance of a full-time chef-teacher and registered dietitian. The program focuses its efforts on providing homeless and at-risk children from kindergarten through eighth grade a safe place to access nutritious food.

Their mission is “to increase healthy food consumption for children while providing hands-on nutrition curriculum that addresses healthy food choices, in addition, provide parent engagement, access to low-cost nutritious foods, and continue each year to expand services and reach more families.”

Since its inception Kids Café has served over 1331 breakfasts, 1434 lunches, 6307 dinners, and 7636 snacks.

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