Sadly, after such a late spring, our warm summer days have faded. Leaving our gardens ready for slumber. Here are five key things to remember when tucking them in for the winter.


It is important to cut away any diseased plant materials (branches, leaves) that have not been healthy this season. The disease may carry back into spring growth so watch them carefully.

There are a number of perennials that are beneficial to leave up for the winter season. Not only do they provide landscape interest, they also help feed beneficial insects, bees, and birds. Some of these perennials include Astilbe, Lady’s Mantle, Russian Sage, Coneflowers, Sedum, Creeping Phlox, Bergenia, and perennial grasses.

Remove all debris and clean planter containers in order to be ready for next year.

Fall shrub pruning should be done only on summer-blooming shrubs. Spring-blooming shrub such as lilacs set their blooms earlier in the season for the next year. Be aware that if you prune them now, you may have to wait until the following season for them to fully bloom.


Let’s close with some good news for gardeners. New trees, shrubs, and perennials can be planted until the middle of this month. Just remember to water well until the ground freezes.

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