Right here in Eden Prairie

According to leading review websites, and any looped-in local you ask, Campiello is the number one Italian restaurant in Eden Prairie. Part of the D’Amico family of authentic-but-modern restaurants, Campiello Ristorante & Bar is an elevated Italian food experience right here in Minnesota. Offering “rustic contemporary” Italian dishes, their selection includes specialty meats and seafoods, authentic pasta dishes, woodfired pizzas, and a widely praised dessert selection. Campiello prizes its Italian authenticity in both cooking and culture. From their monthly “Tour di Italia” regional menu to their expertly curated wine list, Campiello is a Tuscan getaway right here in Eden Prairie.

20 years ago this December, Campiello opened its doors. The goal was essentially simple and ethereally complicated: create a destination in Eden Prairie (and for the greater Twin Cities area at large) to experience both fine Italian dining as well as a contemporarily casual “just stopping in for an excellent afternoon meal” go-to. To impress both colleagues at 12:30 p.m. for a “working lunch” as well as spouses for monumental anniversaries at 7:00 p.m. is no easy task, but Campiello does it.

They were named “Favorite Italian” by Minnesota Monthly and diner’s choice of “Best Italian” via Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine, as well as a Wine List Excellence Award from Wine Spectator. Campiello’s Chef Ben Perhai has made television appearances on both Kare 11 (with Sous Chef Joe Mickelson) and WCCO. Their sister location in Naples, Florida is as locally well loved as Campiello is here in Eden Prairie and was awarded “Best Italian Restaurant” by Naples Illustrated.

Monthly, Campiello offers a regional menu. The “Tour di Italia” focuses on a particular region of Italy and celebrates her cuisine with a beautifully designed full dinner menu and features both a red and white wine. The regional offerings have been developed thanks to the research and travels of Perhai, Mickelson, and the rest of the team, as well as a true love of food. Campiello brings that experience to us in Eden Prairie.

With weekly promotions like Half Off Wine Sundays (bottles of wine under $100) and Date Night Sunday (three courses for two people for $50) and work-week treats like $5 Happy Hour ($5 selects wines, beers, and rail drinks and popular foods from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, at the bar) we can see that Campiello’s dynamic team wears many hats to fulfill any diner’s needs with style. Oh, and you can receive text notifications any time a new keg is tapped by texting NEWKEG to 474747. Essentially, they know what they’re doing.

Campiello is also known for its expert service. Warmth and hospitality go hand in hand with the Italian influence. Guests rave about it – attentiveness, friendliness, and respect for the art of fine, family dining are integral to the values of Campiello that keep the restaurant’s heart beating.

One of Campiello’s most popular dishes is the balsamic-glazed short ribs, which was award-winning on its own. Also on the prestigious top shelf is the spicy fried calamari, and the woodfired rotisserie chicken, spinach, and mushroom risotto. The Campiello house salad is also deservedly well-loved.

The options are broad, however – Campiello offers a mixed, well-balanced menu. Elevated favorites like soups and sandwiches make Campiello the ideal destination for both casual and celebratory occasions. Not to be pigeonholed, you’ll find fresh seafood alongside cheeseburger sandwich options, both made with the utmost quality of care.

Atmosphere, especially with Italian influence, is an integral part of the dining experience. Ann Grant, Campiello’s general manager (who you may also recognize from the WCCO feature,) describes it as an orchestra. “We’re like musical conductors,” she said. Lighting music, seating, pace – it all must be in synch for a harmonious guest experience.

The space was recently remodeled in May and June. It is open and light, with rich wood, warm light, and a visible pizza oven framed with persimmon tile work. The interior is beautiful and contemporary while maintaining elements of traditional Italian design elements. The restaurant also has generous patio seating – in warmer months it is veiled in green vinery like the rest of the artifice.

The menu, too, was updated to pair with the new interior, so if you haven’t been in since the springtime, now is the perfect time to call or click for reservations.

The D’Amico name’s reputation for creating inspired eateries is well-earned, and Campiello is no exception. Element by element, the guest experience at Campiello is curated with passion and care. At Campiello, guests are part of the famiglia, deserving no less than warmth and excellence for every occasion. Emblazoned alongside Italian art motifs, Campiello’s motto invites Eden Prairie to join in: “Eat well. Laugh often. Live long.”

Campiello can be found online at campielloedenprairie.com, by phone at 952-941-6868, or at 6411 City West Parkway in Eden Prairie.