One of the benefits and true joys of publishing Eden Prairie Lifestyle is that occasionally I can write about something that I am particularly passionate about. Our August Pets and Kids issue allows just that. I would think all would agree that we are truly passionate about our children. We love kids! I think right behind that we love our pets. In my home, we did not have pets until 12 years ago. We went in, in a big way, providing a home for two of the most adorable English Bulldogs in the world. I am sure that all our readers with pets of all kinds feel the same way about their beloved animals. During our “Pet” research we were able to meet Dr. Jim Nelson, owner of the Prairie Village Animal Hospital. We received quite an education about pets of all kinds from a noted Veterinarian who has been in practice in Eden Prairie since 1989. We recently sat with Dr. Nelson and discussed multiple items such as “What were his motivations to become a vet” to “What should a pet owner consider when engaging with Veterinary services”. We found his answers most interesting and thought that you, our readers, would too. So, let’s bring you into what was discussed.


Dr. Jim, what were your motivations to become a vet? Why did you make this your career?

My dad was a physician in Grand Forks, North Dakota in the days when doctors did house calls and allowed patients to call them at home. He once said, “I don’t know if you have the bedside manner to be a doctor, but I think you’d do well with animals.” I took his cue and after a summer internship at a mixed animal veterinary practice in Cortez, Colorado, I was intrigued and motivated to do whatever it took to become a veterinarian.

What have been the changes in veterinary medicine since you began practice in Eden Prairie?

We come home to them and they humanize us and in a certain way, we humanize them. Veterinary Medicine in the past was made up of generalists. Today we are generalists with the knowledge and technology of specialists at our fingertips. For instance, we can work up a cancer patient with digital radiology and ultrasound. Base on our findings we speak to a board-certified oncologist and they provide the appropriate chemotherapeutic regimen for us to administer in our clinic as we did with Henry Becker on your front cover.

Let’s discuss the importance of your staff and what a pet owner should consider before engaging the services of a veterinarian and his or her staff.

Great question. Certainly, caring and compassionate staff is critical. We love animals and work to give them healthy lives. Our staff at Prairie Village Pet Hospital has great longevity. We all know our animal patients and they matter to us a great deal. A few examples of longevity, Mary L. has been with us for 25 years, Molly 13, and Jamila and Kelley over 10. We are proud of this longevity, we love what we do every day. I would say that the ongoing knowledge of our patients and personal relationship with have with pet owners are potent thoughts when considering choosing a veterinary practice.


As this article began, our family found a great deal of joy and love with our English Bulldogs, they have made us happy, enriched our lives and we are sure your pets do the same.

In getting to know Dr. Jim Nelson at the Prairie Village Animal Hospital I found a veterinary clinic that has a strong depth of capabilities, caring, kind and experienced staff and an unwavering love of animals of all kinds. I highly recommend that our readers get to know Dr. Jim Nelson.