Class of 2018

The Pediatrician

Dr. Erika Malvey-Dorn

Erika is the President and Medical Director of her pediatric clinic; teaches clinical pediatrics at the University of Minnesota Medical school; has served the Abbey’s Hope board of directors for over seven years and volunteers for Help Me Grow.

Erika was inspired to become a doctor at a young age when she tagged along with her grandfather, a retired small town physician, volunteering at a Minneapolis free clinic. After earning her chemistry degree from Wellesley College, she juggled a dual M.D. and Ph.D. in Immunology from the University of Minnesota. She’s cared for kids at All About Children Pediatrics ever since. 

The Advocate

Sue Borchert

Inspired by her autistic son, Sue found a way to merge her love for baking with the step-by-step satisfaction Sam experiences when he creates something beautiful and delicious. Sammy’s Sweets caters stunning cakes and cupcakes for birthdays, weddings and graduation parties, providing meaningful employment for Sam – the head baker – and others with intellectual disabilities.

Sue also started an Eden Prairie bowling club for youth and adults. About 20 “Bowling Buddies” have met bi-weekly since 2010. The frosting on the cake is the “safe place for parents of children with intellectual disabilities to gather.”

The Hypnotist

Roberta Fernandez

When Roberta left her business consulting career to be a hypnotist, she explained to friends that she’d still be a change agent. Instead of helping corporations evolve, she would help clients address pain, sleep problems, stress and other health issues.

Roberta recovered from double knee replacement without pain medication thanks to self-hypnosis. She trains clients and their healthcare providers to control pain at her FARE Hypnosis Center. Her book, Breaking Free from Pain and Opioids: Discovering the Hypnosis Option, addresses a timely topic.

The Nonprofit Director

Cindy Eddy

Cindy Eddy “couldn’t stand that there were so many people who needed so much,” so she started what would become the PROP Shop out of her garage. That was ten years ago. Today, Cindy’s nonprofit currently serves 700 Eden Prairie families in need.

The PROP Shop accepts gently used donations to stock its free Family Services and resale stores. She runs the nonprofit on a lean budget, funneling 94% of donations directly to its mission. An inspirational leader with a generous and humble heart, Cindy requested 2,600 Women of Substance awards – one for each of her volunteers.

Liz Martin

The Career Consultant

As a partner at Network Careers, Inc., Liz coaches individual clients seeking new jobs and career transitions, including spouses of premier corporations’ top level recruits. She is passionate about developing networking and job search strategies for women re-entering the workforce.

Liz earned a Master’s degree from Purdue and spent most of her early career in human resources at Target headquarters. She left the corporate world during the early years of raising four children, then transitioned to her current business in 2005. Liz is inspired by “making a difference in peoples’ lives by helping them build confidence and communicating their value.”

Chris Honass-Wildfang

The Volunteer

Chris started her career as a Certified Public Accountant, then switched to private industry. She audited ConAgra’s plants across the globe before launching her next career as a stay-at-home mom. She’s volunteered her accounting skills for good causes in our community ever since. Chris has served as the Eden Prairie Historical Society’s Treasurer for three years and is inspired by “our city’s rich past.”

Chris flexed her activist muscles as a college student at Mankato State and the University of Minnesota. She remains engaged in politics and environmentalism today.