April 2018 Lifestyle Letter 1

One of the best trends to come into play in the last few years has been the “going green” movement. With the shift moving towards sustainability and becoming green we have all been forced to see things in a different (LED and eco-friendly, of course) light. But changing the way we live to be more sustainable can be difficult and overwhelming, even confusing once and awhile. Sometimes things say they are “green” but are really as eco-unfriendly as their competitor.

I have found that the easiest way to be eco-friendly is to localize. Buy as many locally made products and services as your community offers. Whether it be shopping at the farmers’ market, buying from small locally owned businesses, or growing your own produce. You can’t get more local than your own backyard.

In this month’s issue, we share the story of an EP beekeeping who’s harvesting his own honey, a community garden that donates all of their produce to the PROP food shelf, and some tips and tricks to starting your own at-home container garden.


Nora Johnson, Editor