March 2018 Lifestyle Letter

Start rifling through your closet, craving chicken, and hoarding “Congratulations” cards because wedding season is back! Although I do love doing those previous things, I now have a new found love for wedding season. The turn from winter to spring means I can start putting together our annual wedding issue, one of my very favorites to curate.

There are so many intricate and detailed interworkings that make up each aspect of a wedding. Each of these components has the opportunity to be a unique combination of tradition and creativity. In this issue, we delve into our local venues, photography, and jewellery that help meld both the desire to be unique while continuing to stick to tradition.

Speaking of tradition, our feature story is a look into a traditional Gujarati wedding. Our friends Abhi and Vanessa have shared with us their gorgeous wedding. For those of us that haven’t had the privilege to attend a Gujarati wedding yet, we have an inside look into the 3 days of festivities. Many thanks to both Abhi and Vanessa for letting us share your celebration with our neighbors.

Enjoy this year’s wedding season, whether you’re attending, having your own, or simply reading through the pages of this issue. 


Nora Johnson, Editor