Whether you’re trying to find that perfect surprise engagement ring, picking out your wedding bands, or in the market to upgrade your current rock, it all comes down to research. A ring should be a representation of your relationship, which is undoubtedly unique to you and your partner. Thankfully rings come in every color, design, material, and shape, in order to create a piece of jewelry that is as remarkable and individual as your union. But don’t get overwhelmed with the number of options, we sat down with Andy Furman of Continental Diamond to give some expert ring insight and advice.

What are some current popular 
engagement ring styles?

We’ve been seeing a lot of colored metal lately, for the longest time the only popular colors were white gold and platinum. We’re now seeing yellow and rose gold coming back in, which is a lot of fun and looks great. White continues to be the most popular but brides who want to be a bit different are venturing into other color options. As for diamond shapes, round is always popular but oval shapes are hot as can be right now.

What about men’s wedding bands?

Every man that comes in says “I want a plain band” and then after they start looking in the case they usually end up leaving with something with some design to it. The use of different types of materials is becoming popular, guys are really liking carbon fiber inlay in their rings. We have a ring designer that uses really interesting materials like meteorites and vintage gun barrels that he’ll inlay into the rings.

Do you have any tips for men buying 
engagement rings?

Check out your girlfriend’s Pinterest board for ideas. Do your homework, read up online, or come sit down with one of our salespeople, we will hold hand and walk you through the process.  We also offer a temporary ring service. You can come in and pick the diamond, surprise her with the temporary ring and get back what you paid for the temporary ring towards one that you can come in and choose together.

How much customization is available?

We have a full in-house custom department with two designers. The customer can build their ring from the ground up using any materials and any gemstones of their choice. The designer builds the ring on their 3D computer program that projects the design on the wall so the customer can watch the process. Once the 3-D image gets approved, the ring gets cast out of wax so the customer can have a physical ring to try on. The ring then gets cast out of the metal of their choice.

What about rings on display that 
have already been designed?

All of our vendors, for the most part, are totally open to modifying their designs for the customer. We have a vast selection of rings to look at and try on. Many of our pieces can have a diamond set within 24 hours.

If a customer bought a ring with you previously 
and wants to come back and upgrade their
 diamond, how does that work?

You get exactly how much you paid for your diamond to count for your next one. Period.

Why should people come to Continental 
Diamond for their rings?

To have an advocate working on your behalf. Our goal is for our customers to have a great experience when they come in, our staff is working for the customer. Also, you can view the rings, see how they are going to look on a hand, and compare them side by side. We have a huge selection of diamonds that we own, so you can look at each clarity, cut, and size and compare. It all comes down to taste, like any other piece of fashion.

Stop into Continental Diamond with any further questions, and add their Spring Ring Event on April 20th and 21st to your calender to see over 10,000 rings. 1600 Utica Ave S Suite 130, Minneapolis, MN 55416.