Honeymoon in Hawaii

What better way to kick off your married life than an amazing honeymoon in Hawaii? Just think about it—after all the hustle and bustle of planning and attending to every important detail of your big day—wouldn’t a honeymoon in an exotic locale be a perfect way for you to reconnect and create memories you will share for the rest of your lives?

Because there are nearly unlimited things to do and see in Hawaii, you’ll want to decide how you plan to spend your days and nights while on your honeymoon. Do you want an action-packed getaway? Do you want to relax by the pool and have a low-key vacation? What are your thoughts on island-hopping? Surfing? Attending a luau? You get it: There are a lot of options for a getaway to Hawaii.


As your perfect honeymoon starts to come into focus, you will want to consult with a Hawaii destination specialist from Acendas Travel who can assist you with your honeymoon plans. They are experts on Hawaii as a destination and can offer invaluable advice while working with you to help create the perfect honeymoon.

Kimberly Shannon, a destination specialist at Acendas, explains, “The islands of Hawaii are very popular. Because we are specialists, we know Hawaii well and can make great recommendations, based on the couple’s interests and preferences.” Depending on the islands the couple chooses to visit, Ms. Shannon adds, “We can design custom itineraries, make recommendations on everything from things to do on your own as well as make reservations for activities such as a luau, dinner sunset sail, helicopter tour, zip lining, snorkeling and more!”


Hawaii offers a vast variety of incredible things to do. To help maximize your experience, it’s best to do plenty of research about the numerous attractions and begin to narrow your focus. As with any amazing travel locale, approach the trip with the mindset that you will visit sometime in the future. Otherwise, the temptation to pack in a gazillion activities will leave you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. Plan to take a more ‘go with the flow’ approach—or as they say in Hawaiian, ‘Nalu it’—and you’ll find the entire experience will be more relaxing and enjoyable.

Whichever way you choose to spend your time in Hawaii—whether you enjoy thrill-seeking activities, or you decide to take a more leisurely pace—your honeymoon will forevermore be a pocketful of memories to carry with you as you and your spouse move forward with your happily ever after.